Source Naturals FucoxanTHIN Review

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Source Naturals is a supplement company with several options for weight loss support. Many of the supplements offered by the company contain diuretics and laxatives for weight loss. This is an unsafe choice by the manufacturer. Source Naturals FucoxanTHIN contains only three ingredients, none of which are laxatives or diuretics. The formula is sound, but it does not contain all the ingredients needed to boost weight loss.

Source Naturals lists all ingredients for the supplement in the product description. There is no information given about the ingredients nor are the claims of increased weight loss supported with clinical research links on the site.

List of Ingredients

Fucoxanthin Brown Seaweed, Green Tea Leaf Extract (standardized for caffeine) and Green Tea Leaf Extract (standardized for EGCG).

Product Features

The most important ingredient in this supplement is the green tea. This is because green tea has been tested on animals and humans resulting in a long list of health benefits. Optimally, the supplement should include about 350 mg of green tea, based on the amounts used in clinical research. Source Naturals FucoxanTHIN contains 271 mg, just short of the optimal amount.

Green tea leaf will boost metabolism, but it is also proven to have other health benefits. It is also safe for nearly every dieter to take so negative side effects are minimal. Most often, any side effects from taking green tea are associated with the caffeine content, not the green tea ingredient. This formula contains 100 mg of caffeine from a green tea source. This is slightly more than the average dieter would consume in one cup of coffee.

The brown seaweed, after which the product is named, may contain a protein that causes fat loss. The protein tells the body to use fat for energy and thus fat stores are used up more quickly. There may be clinical research to back up this claim but Source Naturals does not bother to link to such a study.

Source Naturals FucoxanTHIN sells for $17.98 per 45 caps and $33.98 per 90 capsules.

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  • Green tea boosts metabolism.
  • Caffeine may increase weight loss and suppress appetite.
  • The price is lower than comparable products.


  • Not enough green tea is included in the formula.
  • No reference to clinical studies for either ingredient.
  • No strong appetite suppressant to counteract the stimulant effects of caffeine.


Source Naturals FucoxanTHIN is a good supplement. There needs to be more green tea, but the formula is almost there with 271 mg. Brown seaweed is a common weight loss ingredient, but one that may not be well known by the average dieter. This simply means the company needs to explain the ingredient and offer links to clinical research.

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