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Source Naturals Mega Chromium Picolinate is a supplement commonly used to control diabetes naturally. While not all dieters suffer from diabetes, all dieters can benefit from chromium. Chromium works with glucose to control the rise and fall of blood sugar. This has a significant impact on appetite.

Source Naturals is a company with a sketchy background. They still offer dangerous supplements like colloidal silver, but they also offer proven weight loss supplements like Source Naturals Mega Chromium Picolinate. None of the supplements on the official Source Naturals website are available for sale from the manufacturer. Dieters must find the supplements for sale on external websites or in stores.

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Chromium is one of the most effective diet supplement ingredients available today. Every dieter has seen promotions for low carbohydrate diets and low glycemic foods. These programs work because carbohydrates and high glycemic foods cause a rise and sharp fall in blood glucose. When glucose levels fall below normal, the brain triggers hunger. Typically that hunger is tailored to simple carbohydrates, the easiest fuel for the body and the one food proven to boost glucose levels quickly. This creates a roller coaster effect because the dieter eats simple carbohydrates and boosts glucose, then the fall happens again and hunger is triggered.

Source Naturals Mega Chromium Picolinate contains enough chromium to help regulate glucose response so it does not fall below normal. If glucose levels are maintained within normal range, the dieter will not be as susceptible to hunger and cravings. Over time, the desire to eat simple carbohydrates will disappear and maintaining a weight loss diet is much easier.

There are no clinical studies supporting Source Naturals Mega Chromium Picolinate listed on the official website, but there are clinical studies supporting chromium. Appetite suppression is not the only important factor of weight loss. Metabolism and a healthy diet are also important factors. Chromium is typically included in weight loss supplements, so read the label of any supplements you are taking before buying Source Naturals Mega Chromium Picolinate.

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  • May control blood glucose response.
  • May suppress hunger.
  • Costs less than fat burners.


  • Will not help the dieter eat healthy foods.
  • Must be combined with a fat burner and exercise to facilitate weight loss.
  • Will not cause weight loss on its own.
  • No clinical studies listed on the official website.


Source Naturals Mega Chromium Picolinate is a proven ingredient in many weight loss supplements. Dieters wishing to naturally control hunger and blood glucose should choose a supplement with chromium or Source Naturals Mega Chromium Picolinate, but dieters should not expect a complete loss of hunger.

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