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Naturally occurring minerals in the body such as sulfur, assist in vital bodily functions. Source Naturals MSM provides a boost in dietary sulfur, claiming the product replenishes lost sulfur from the diet. The claims made by Source Naturals are not supported by scientific research. The only information offered is sulfur is found naturally in foods, including, lean meats, fish and eggs. Additional information about Source Naturals MSM include the product being hypoallergenic and adequate for consumption by vegetarians.

The sulfur connection is one that few dieters may know because there is no recommended daily allowance for sulfur MSM is more widely known as the supplement often combined with glucosamine and chondroitin. MSM has anti-inflammatory effects that may support joint health and reduce joint pain associated with inflammatory conditions, like arthritis.

List of Ingredients

MSM (methysulfonylmethane [OptiMSM]).

Product Features

Dieters with joint and inflammation problems have enough trouble walking from one room to the next or through the local grocery store, let alone walking for one to two miles a day as part of a weight loss exercise plan. Glucosamine and chondroitin are over the counter supplements marketed for anti-inflammation. Typically, MSM is packaged with these supplements for additional anti-inflammation support. With the help of MSM, dieters with painful joints may be able to move better and complete exercise to achieve weight loss goals.

Clinical research has also been complete linking MSM to osteoarthritis relief. The study was extremely small with only 168 participants. While the results were positive, larger studies need to be completed to support the findings in the clinical community.

Another huge benefit for dieters is the fact that being overweight or obese is considered a constant state of inflammation. The body fights against the extra weight, which often causes unexplained pain. MSM may help fight this pain.

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  • Ingredients for Source Naturals MSM are listed on the official website.
  • Dieters may feel relief from joint pain and body pain if associated with inflammation.
  • May help reduce pain from osteoarthritis.


  • There are no direct benefits for the dieter.
  • Does not increase metabolism.
  • Does not promote fat burn.
  • Does not increase energy.
  • Does not suppress hunger.


There may be some benefits to sulfur supplementation, but Source Naturals MSM is more widely known as an anti-inflammatory. When combined with glucosamine and chondroitin or taken as a standalone supplement, MSM may reduce inflammation. Inflammation can cause pain that prevents a dieter from working out on a regular basis. Arthritis may also prevent regular workouts.

Dieters with no condition causing painful inflammation have no reason to take Source Naturals MSM. The supplement is not associated with weight loss, metabolism or appetite suppression.

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