Source Naturals Pyruva-Nectar Review

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Source Naturals Pyruva-Nectar supplies calcium pyruvate. Pyruvate takes part in energy metabolism on an aerobic and anaerobic level. The powder is supposed to be used with the Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss Plan supported by Source Naturals. While there is reference to calcium pyruvate being proven, there are no clinical trial links to support this claim. The product description is comprised of a few sentences about the product and nothing more. Source Naturals Pyruva-Nectar comes in powder form containing 100 calories per serving. The calories come from straight sugar carbohydrates.

List of Ingredients

Calcium Pyruvate, Fructose, Natural Tropical Flavor, Natural Peppermint Flavor, Acacia Gum, Natural Cherry Flavor, Red Beet Root and Citric Acid.

Product Features

Calcium pyruvate works during the Krebs cycle to help the body product energy from sugars. If the Krebs cycle moves more quickly, the body has more energy. A slow Krebs cycle means less energy. Increased energy leads to increased calorie burn and weight loss, if a healthy, reduced-calorie diet and exercise plan is followed. Pyruvate also helps metabolize food as energy.

If Source Naturals Diet Pyruva-Nectar is supposed to enhance metabolism by increasing the rate at which the Krebs cycle moves, why are the majority of calories in the supplement in the form of sugars? Including sugar in the formula just increases calorie intake and sugar intake, so ultimately the sugar in the supplement would be converted to energy by the calcium pyruvate and not carbohydrate stores in the body.

Source Naturals suggests a retail price of $39.98 per 11 ounces. The company does not sell products directly, so dieters are expected to order from another company. When researching calcium pyruvate, we found similar weight loss products for less than $15. These supplements come in tablet or capsule form with zero calories.

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  • Source Naturals offers a complete ingredient list in the product description.
  • Calcium pyruvate may help increase the speed of the Krebs cycle.
  • May increase energy.


  • The product contains sugar, which could lead to glucose imbalance and hunger.
  • Not a safe supplement for diabetics.
  • The supplement is priced higher than comparable products.
  • Source Naturals does not sell products directly.


Weight loss supplements come in a variety of forms. Source Naturals Pyruva-Nectar is not the best option for dieters simply because it contains 100 calories of simple sugars. There is no appetite suppressant in the formula to counteract possible hunger associated with sugar metabolism. Taking calcium pyruvate may help improve energy production speed and metabolism, but not in this form. It may be better to choose a calcium pyruvate supplement in tablet or capsule form that does not contain added sugars.

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