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What You Should Know

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Source Naturals is a supplement company offering all-natural solutions to many health issues. The company promotes supplements in 30 categories including anti-aging, menopause, pregnancy and sleep. For the dieter, supplements listed in the weight management, sports and fitness and energy categories could be useful.

Source Natural does not offer one proven supplement for the dieter who wants to lose more weight. The energy category has 29 products and the weight management and sports and fitness categories have 31 and 50 supplements respectively. Having so many supplements in one category could leave the consumer or dieter more confused than convinced.

List of Ingredients

Weight Management: 7-Keto, Apple Cider Vinegar, BCAA, Brown Rice Protein Powder, Diet Chitosan, Diet CitriMax, Diet CitriMax Complex, Diet Fiber ReFresh, Diet Pyruva-Nectar, Diet Pyruvate, Diet Tonalin CLA, Diet-Metabo-7, Diet-Phen, FucoxanThin, Garcinia 1000, Garcinia Plus, GlycoCarn GPLC, Guggulsterones, Herbal ReStore, Hoodia Complex, Inflama-Trim, L-Carnitine, L-Carnitine 2, L-Tryptophan, L-Tryptophan with Coenzyme B6, Life Greens & Berries, Pea Protein Powder, Phase 2 Carbohydrate Blocker, Relora, Slenderluma and Ultra Potency Gymnema Sylvestre.

Product Features

Taking a look at just the 31 supplements in the Source Naturals Weight Management category brings to light why there is no one supplement for weight loss. Source Naturals sells the ingredients commonly used in weight loss supplements as standalone products. It is not uncommon to find nearly every one of the mentioned supplements in one product. Source Naturals offers these ingredients individually, but Chinese medicine is not based on using herbs alone. Most Chinese therapies will include several herbal ingredients paired to work together to benefit the user.

Some of the supplements listed under Weight Management will also be listed in the Energy and Sports and Fitness categories. FucoxanThin, for instance, is listed under Weight Management and Energy, but not in the Sports and Fitness Category.

Some of the supplements do, however, contain more than one ingredient which brings back the confusion a bit. The only reason a dieter would choose a Source Naturals product is if they had used it before and were looking for a specific product. Otherwise, consumers will probably get lost in the long list of available herbs and products before choosing one.

The price range for Source Naturals is huge. Some supplements will sell for less than $10 and others more than $50. It all depends on the supplement chosen and the quantity.

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  • Source Natural products are found easily online.
  • Complete ingredient lists are included on the website.


  • Too many products may confuse the consumer.
  • Dieters have too many products to choose from.
  • Buying individual ingredients to combine into one supplement can be costly.
  • There are no clinical trials supporting Source Naturals products.


The consumer may get lost in the Source Naturals website and click away before they decide on a product. With hundreds of descriptions and ingredient lists, the dieter may simply decide to go with a proven combination of ingredients like those found in some weight loss products.

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