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Green tea offers a long list of health benefits, including increased metabolism. Theanine is derived from green tea. This amino acid is the reason green tea taste different than other teas. Source Naturals Theanine may reduce anxiety and boost mood. There is no direct link between Source Naturals Theanine and weight loss, but anxiety is a common problem for dieters. As a diet and weight loss plan progresses, the dieter may stop losing weight as fast as they think they should. This causes diet anxiety and, eventually, the dieter may fall off the weight loss plan and regain any lost weight. Theanine may reduce anxiety associated with plateaus and slow weight loss to keep the dieter on track, but dieter with a history of mental illness should not take this supplement.

List of Ingredients

Calcium and L-Theanine.

Product Features

Source Naturals Theanine crosses into the brain where it signals brain waves that reduce anxiety. Animal tests conclusively prove this effect on animal subjects. In humans, brain waves common during times of relaxation have been noted after the subject takes Theanine.

The effects of Source Natural Theanine may be beneficial for most dieters, but some dieters should approach the supplement with caution. According to the warning published by Source Naturals, dieters taking MAOIs or SSRIs should not take this supplement without consent from a physician. Medications used to alter mood and serotonin levels may be affected by Theanine. The result could be dangerous mood swings.

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  • Source Naturals lists all ingredients for Theanine.
  • There is a warning for dieters taking certain medications.
  • The supplement is less expensive than other mood boosters.
  • May be taken in conjunction with fat burners and appetite suppressants.


  • Does not contain any ingredients proven to boost weight loss.
  • Theanine is derived from green tea, but green tea is not an ingredient in the supplement.
  • Dieters taking medications for mental disorders should not take this supplement.
  • May cause mood swings for dieters suffering from undiagnosed mental conditions.


Many experts agree that weight loss is all in the mind. The most effective means of weight loss is eating less and moving more, but millions of dieters try this simple plan and fail every year. There are supplements to boost mood, metabolism, calorie burn and energy. Each of these supplements works wonders for individual dieters, but not all are safe for all dieters. Source Naturals Theanine may boost mood and decrease anxiety associated with weight loss and dieting, but dieters should approach the supplement with caution if there is a history of anxiety or depression. If the dieter is taking prescription medications, they should consult a physician before taking this supplement.

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