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A product such as Source Naturals Tongkat provides a laundry list of benefits, but fails to back up any of the claims. The product claims to reduce mental fatigue, enhance endurance, enhance energy levels, balance male hormones and enhance male libido. In the information we found, the tests performed were on animals and no human trials were available. We also found the official website to lack any additional information regarding the product. The information we found stated the potential warnings for the product, the complete ingredient listing and the suggested retail price. The official website does not offer Source Naturals Tongkat for sale.

List of Ingredients

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (100:1) (Tongkat Ali LJ100)

Product Features

Tongkat is a supplement commonly used as a testosterone and libido booster. There is clinical evidence that the supplement boosts male libido in rats, but there is no association with the supplement and testosterone. It is not uncommon for supplement companies to use male libido boosters in testosterone boosting supplements. This is because there is a direction mental and physical connection between male sexual response and testosterone. However, Source Naturals Tongkat does not boost testosterone just because it boosts male libido.

As for the claims of increased energy and enhanced endurance, there are no clinical trials supporting these claims. Again, we assume these claims have something to do with the libido boosting properties of Source Naturals Tongkat. The supplement is designed for male libido, not female libido so there is little chance the supplement will have any effect on women.

As for weight loss, there is no proven link between Source Naturals Tongkat and weight loss. Any claims of increased energy or decreased fatigue are pure myth. Dieters will not notice any changes in weight or body fat after taking this supplement.

The lack of information on the Source Naturals website is common for this company. We found no testimonials, no clinical trials and no product reviews of the supplement. Source Naturals does not sell supplements online, so the suggested retail price listed on the page is just for reference. Outside retailers have the ability to sell the supplement for any price they like.

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  • May boost male libido.
  • Clinical studies support increased male desire in animals.
  • Ingredients are listed on the Source Naturals website.


  • The supplement does not boost metabolism.
  • There are no appetite suppressing qualities associated with Source Naturals Tongkat.
  • Human studies may not support animal study results.


When pro-hormones were outlawed, supplement companies needed a replacement that would give the user the feeling of increased testosterone. Source Naturals Tongkat is one of those replacement supplements. Tongkat is proven to boost male libido in animals, but not in humans. Even if male libido is increased, testosterone levels are not. Claims of increased energy, increased endurance and increased mental energy are not proven nor have they been tested clinically, as far as we can find. Source Naturals offers a list of benefits with no proof or testimonials to support the claims.

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