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The South American diet is based on traditional South American menus, food, drink and supplementation. There is very little information on a structured plan available on the Internet, but a few pieces we could find created a solid picture of how the diet was to be followed. South Americans typically start the day early with a light breakfast followed by a heavy lunch and nap. The third meal of the day is dinner, which is also a large meal. Dinner may start as late as 9 PM and last for several hours.

There is no mention of weight loss in regards to the South American diet, but we could find mention of Yerba Mate and Coffee being consumed on the plan. These are both commonly added to weight loss supplement aimed at increasing weight loss, so the South American diet may have some benefit yet.

List of Ingredients

Cultural foods, naps, coffee and yerba mate.

Product Features

Coffee is a huge staple product for South American farmers. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is proven to increase metabolism and weight loss. Coffee is consumed in the morning on the South American diet. This is the perfect time for a boost of caffeine as the body is just waking up from a long night of “fasting” and coffee helps to break the metabolism fast. With coffee, the South American diet often includes toast, jam or fresh fruits.

The lunch meal is a bit of a concern for dieters. The South American diet includes a large lunch followed by a nap. The lunch may include grilled meat, vegetables, rice or other starch and fruit. In the business sector of the population, the nap is replaced with work and the middle meal of the day is a bit smaller.

Snacks of fresh fruit could be eaten throughout the day until the evening meal. Dinner is a late night meal and can last hours in the South American diet. This is another concern for the dieter who may not wish to start dinner at 9 PM. The dinner meal includes much of the same entrees and side dishes as lunch with the addition of a dessert.

Yerba Mate is considered medicinal and is consumed throughout South America. The tea is a stimulant which will increase metabolism.

We could find no mention of weight loss or appetite suppression in the South American diet.

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  • The diet is simple to follow.
  • Dieters get to nap in the mid-day.


  • No calorie control.
  • Heavy stimulant intake.


The South American diet may not be suitable for people trying to lose weight. The heavy stimulation from coffee and Yerba Mate could be more than some people can handle. There is also no calorie control, heavy meals and nightly desserts.

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