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If you’re on the lookout for one of those hip new weight loss plans, the South Beach Diet may be right for you. This is described on the official website as “the delicious, doctor-designed, foolproof weight-loss plan.” The South Beach Diet can be broken down into three different phases. These are phase one (eliminate cravings and kickstart weight loss), phase two (lose steadily), and phase three (maintain for life). Also described as the “food lover’s diet,” this system is about living well. The individual that founded this weight loss plan is Dr. Agatson, who’s a cardiologist.

Essentially the South Beach Diet program starts with the user eliminating food cravings and starting to shed excess body fat; then the second phase initiates steady weight reduction; while the final phase (the lifestyle phase) teaches you how you’ll maintain your healthy weight forever. Although there are recipes provided on the official South Beach Diet website, there are also a number of already-prepared frozen meals that can be purchased in common grocery stores and supermarkets. A number of success stories are posted on the website for men and women that use this program. Also, there is a “free profile” apparatus offered on the website that allows dieters to see where they currently stand.

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Unlike many weight loss programs, the South Beach Diet system is supposed to help users reduce their body weight, and then keep the pounds off for years to come. By following the three phases of this system, which are phase one (eliminate cravings and kickstart weight loss), phase two (lose steadily), and phase three (maintain for life), users are supposed to find success with weight reduction. Although there are no dietary supplements involved with this diet plan, there are a number of pre-planned frozen meals that offer the right amount of calories and nutrients. A convenient Tools & Support link is offered on the website to assist. As stated on the website, the first week with the South Beach Diet system is free of charge, and then five dollars a week is charged afterwards.

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  • There are a number of convenient frozen South Beach Diet meals that can commonly be attained in grocery stores all over the US.
  • This weight loss program is suitable for both women and men.
  • No potentially harmful diet drugs are taken with the South Beach Diet system.


  • Some dieters may not care for the pre-packaged frozen meals that are commonly consumed with the South Beach Diet program.
  • There are no easy-to-take fat burner supplements taken with this weight loss program.
  • There doesn’t appear to be an exercise regimen encouraged with this weight loss system.
  • Appetite suppressants are not involved with the South Beach Diet plan.


When all is said and done, the South Beach Diet program comes across as one of those fad-like diet plans. While there are so many other weight reduction programs currently out there, it’s unclear what makes the South Beach Diet system unique or more effective than other programs. One aspect of this plan that some individuals may like is the fact that the frozen meals are sold conveniently in most grocery stores.

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  • 1

    I really do like this program, Life Style Change, I have NO Thyroid, RA, Fibro, and alot other health problems. I lost weight with this, it took me longer than other people but I did it, and I didn’t have to exercise as much, I basicly did stretches, did my arthiritis exercises. Been thinking about trying the Micheal Trumond 6 week body makeover, I know they are alot alike, but it does have the body typing, maybe that would make a little difference. *Thinking* Desiding* Don’t know yet.


  • 2

    I lost 10kg on this diet 10 years ago and have kept it off. Now going for another 10kg. It really works and I enjoy the food.


  • 3

    It ABSOLUTELY works! I lost 80 lbs on this diet in 2005 and have kept all but 14 pounds off and I’ve had two children in the mean time! I will eat the way of the south beach diet for life because it’s common sense for a healthy lifestyle.
    They in no way promote those frozen foods on the plan Also, those frozen foods have almost all been discontinued. You will no longer have cravings and that to me was a miracle. I seriously felt addicted to food and would think about my next meal while eating one. The cravings stopped, I started feeling satisfied and full and the weight came off with exercise and following the south beach. I recommend this diet to everyone! You just can’t look at food the same again after you understand how it effects your blood sugar and chemical desires to have more. I don’t think the review of this diet was fair and it seems to put a negative spin on a plan that has been now copied by weight watchers and used by the Biggest Loser show. That should tell you it works!


  • 4
    Vicky W.

    This way of eating works! It is NOT a fad diet! I lost 60 lbs in a little over 7 months and have kept it off for over a year. I have never felt (or looked) better in my life. Highly recommended!


  • 5

    Right on GiraldaGirl! I lost 12 pounds in phase one and went on to lose 42 pounds total in 4 months! The South Beach “Diet” teaches you how to eat for life. There is no magic pill. Fat burner supplements and appetite suppressants aren’t needed when you’re trying to slim down for life. I was amazed at my weight loss after phase one. That was incentive enough for me!


  • 6

    You need to update your review of the South Beach Diet. First of all, there is now an exercise component to make the weight loss even more effective. Even without the exercise, I have been on this diet twice and lost 13 pounds in the first two weeks in 2003 and 11 pounds in the first two weeks in 2010. It does work. You make no mention of the fact that Phase I eliminates most carbs in order to stop the cravings, which works very effectively. Also, you stress the frozen meals and other things in the grocery stores that a dieter can buy, when the dieter should be preparing whole foods, such as fish and chicken or vegetarian main dishes with lots of fresh or frozen vegetables and salads. People trying to change their eating habits permanently should never rely on frozen entrees, which contain all sorts of preservatives and other unhealthy items. Our country needs to get back to eating sensibly and the way people used to eat before all this prepared and convenience food came to be. Those things and portion control are what is making America obese.


  • 7
    Karen Mott

    What is the appropriate size for the protein?


  • 8
    Karen Mott

    I have the book with menues but I am confused about the portion size. It says that salad is unlimited but what about proteins?


  • 9
    Nicole Gooding

    Is the South Beach Diet harmful to women? Does it stop the menstrual cycle?


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