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The Seventh Day Adventist South Pacific publishes exercise, dieting and weight loss tips on the official website. Information includes physical fitness, weight management and weight reduction. According to South Pacific, weight reduction takes time and dedication. With terms like long-term, weight reduction plan and weight maintenance plan – it seems the church may be on to some key elements of permanent weight loss.

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Free information on dieting, weight loss and exercise published on the Seventh Day Adventist South Pacific website.

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Most of the information listed on the South Pacific diet website pertains to debunking dieting myths. The church covers some of the more popular weight loss plans like fasting, high protein, high fiber, and low fat. With each different diet, there is a brief description and a paragraph explaining the negatives about the diet. There is more information about diets and diet plans to avoid than information on the best way to lose weight.

Before starting any diet, the Seventh Day Adventist South Pacific suggests asking a few simple questions about the plan. These include – is the diet nutritionally sound, are a variety of foods included and has the diet undergone clinical trials. The same information can be used to choose a weight loss supplement. If the supplement is not nutritionally with ingredients that increase metabolism, offer a variety of ingredients and clinical proof it works – the dieter should probably choose another supplement.

The information published by the Seventh Day Adventist South Pacific will not increase weight loss dramatically, but it could help a dieter choose the best menu plan to use with a supplement to lose more weight. There is no charge for any of the information and no push to join the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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  • Free information on dieting and choosing a healthy weight loss plan.
  • Some of the suggestions can be used to choose a weight loss supplement as well.


  • Dieters will need to read and put the information into play in real life.
  • There is no mention of using diet supplements.
  • Medical help is suggested.
  • Some popular diets are considered fad or trendy.


Reading about proper and healthy weight loss is just a part of staying dedicated to a healthy eating plan. The Seventh Day Adventist South Pacific diet offers just that information. Dieters can read about good diets and bad diets – take advantage of some healthy dieting tips and find out the important of an exercise plan to weight loss. Other than these written tips, the program does not offer anything new and fresh. Basic information and basic tips make up the South Pacific plan. The South Pacific information could be posted on any dieting blog or website,

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