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Isoflavones are derived from plants and have an estrogen-like reaction in the body. One of the most common sources of isoflavones is soy. Soy isoflavones are present in soy products like veggie burgers and soy milk. Studies have tested the effect of replacing animal proteins in the body with soy proteins, providing a rich source of soy isoflavones, but the effect on health was minimal, at best. While the health impact is minute, the impact on weight loss for men and women could be substantial.

List of Ingredients

Isoflavones from soy products and food.

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Soy isoflavones have been studied and tested for their effect on breast cancer, prostate cancer, bone formation, menopausal symptoms and general health. There is no link between soy isoflavones and weight loss, but the estrogen effect in the body could deter men from losing weight or cause women to store extra weight.

When estrogen levels rise, the body stores extra fat around the midsection. This is what causes some of the beginning weight gain during pregnancy. Men have very little natural estrogen, but soy isoflavones could increase that estrogen level enough to impact metabolism and weight loss.

The trouble with soy isoflavones, however, is that very little definitive research has been completed. Some studies support using soy for better health and others state that soy has little or no effect on the body. What we did find was a huge gap in research regarding the impact of soy on weight loss. Soy is a healthy source of protein that includes soy isoflavones, but that comes with an estrogenic effect.

Soy isoflavones are absorbed from soy based foods so no supplement is needed, but soy protein powders are available for as little as $10 a canister and provide a good source of soy isoflavones.


Soy is a healthy source of protein.

Soy isoflavones are inexpensive.


Research on soy isoflavones is on both sides of the debate.

There is a slight estrogenic effect which could affect male weight loss.

Some researchers believe soy isoflavones increase the risk of estrogen based cancers, like breast cancer.


There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to soy isoflavones. When compared to animal protein, some people prefer soy as a healthy lifestyle choice. There is no research to deny this thought, but there is no research to support it either. We do know soy isoflavones do not increase weight loss which makes them ineffective for dieters. If soy is consumed, dieters still have to watch calories and focus on healthy eating no matter the source of protein. Supplements may be taken to increase metabolism and fat burn that are much more effective than a soy diet rich in soy isoflavones.

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    I am taking soy protein from AMWAY for the last five years and i never gone to doctor for any complaints.Feels healthy.


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    Is it okay to take other soya ant other vitiamins with Phyto Soya which I am taking for Menopause