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The Soy Zone is a soy based diet created by Barry Sears, the man behind the Zone Diet. This diet is a similar approach to weight loss, but relies on soy proteins rather than animal proteins. It is the exact same approach as the Zone Diet, designed to use the soy proteins to make the diet more approachable for vegetarians, while offering additional health benefits to people who are not vegetarian. If you are considering a diet like this one, read on to see what we think about it before giving it a shot.

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The Soy Zone is a good dietary approach because soy is a major source of protein and fiber, without saturated fat or cholesterol. It is also high in vitamins, and can help vegetarians who eat a mainly grain diet avoid weight gain from too many carbohydrates. The Soy Zone diet uses a body mass index calculator to tell you how many zone blocks you should be eating every day. Once you use the calculator to determine how many you need, you can start following the 40-30-30 principle and start your weight loss. Instead of filling your one third of your plate with chicken, turkey, or fish, you fill it with a soy based product. This diet is one of the only low carb diets out there that is also friendly to vegetarians. The diet works the same way as the regular Zone Diet, but replaces all meats with soy based proteins. Every day, you can expect to consume roughly 1200 calories with 50 grams of soy protein.

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  • The Soy Zone is very friendly for vegetarians.
  • Soy is a versatile food that can be prepared in numerous ways.


  • The Soy Zone could cause you to consume too much soy, which is known to have adverse health effects.
  • Soy is hyperallergenic, meaning a lot of people are allergic to it.
  • Many of the recipes call for use of specialized ingredients, such as stevia.
  • Learning to follow the Zone Blocks can be confusing for a lot of people.
  • There is no exercise plan to accompany the diet.


The Soy Zone Diet is a good option for people who want to go on a low carb diet without relying on meat. However, eating too much soy can cause negative health side effects, such as impotence in men. Eating a low carb diet for a long period of time can also cause negative side effects, particularly kidney damage in women. We recommend you follow this diet for a short period of time to jump start another weight loss program. You should also combine a diet with exercise (and this one could cut calories too much leaving you with no energy to exercise) and a clinically proven weight loss supplement.

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