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Soymilk Cookie Diet is a Japanese based diet alternative to meal replacement shakes. The typical Japanese person does not consume shakes on a daily basis. These are more common in the United States. People in Japan do, however, consume rice cakes or cookies called senbei. The Soymilk Cookie Diet is supposed to closely depict these rice cookies and help the dieter lose more weight by replacing once meal every day with the soymilk cookies.

Soymilk Cookie Diet cookies contain 146 calories per seven miniature cookies. The manufacturer suggests replacing the evening meal with one pack of cookies and coffee or tea. A comparison on the website shows total calories for a takeout meal to represent how many calories can be cut by replacing just one meal. According to the comparison, a takeout meal can contain about 900 calories. If one meal is replaced, a deficit of 750 calories occurs. Later on the website, the description tells dieters to try and lose up to 9 pounds the 9 days. Cutting 750 calories will not lead to 9 pounds of weight lost in nine days.

List of Ingredients

Okara (Soy Pulp), Whole Wheat Flour, Flour, Cane Juice, Egg, Soypal, Butter (unsalted), Margarine (non-trans fat), Fructose, Baking Powder, Sesame Oil, Luo Han Guo (natural fruit sweetener), Maltodextrin, Cal-Magnesium, Vitamin, C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D.

Product Features

The Soymilk Cookie Diet is also referred to as the Soypal Cookie Diet online. The official website offers a complete list of ingredients for the three flavors – original, sesame and chocolate. There is also a green tea flavor that was once available though no mention of this flavor is available on the website. Testimonials are also published on the website from users who have lost weight using the Soymilk Cookie Diet.

The ingredient list does not offer any stimulants or appetite suppressants. Instead of working to increase metabolism, the cookies are formulated to replace a meal with all the vitamins and nutrients the body needs to function. By replacing the last meal of the day, dieters consume the smallest number of calories during the least active part of the day. This is the only function the Soymilk Cookie Diet uses to increase weight loss. Some dieters may feel extremely hungry late at night or in the middle of the nig ht if only 150 calories are taken in for dinner.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Complete meal replacement.


  • Hunger could result if the cookies are eaten solely as a meal.
  • The price of Soymilk Cookie Diet cookies can be up to $5.50 per pack.
  • Reduced prices are only available for a monthly purchase plan.


The Soymilk Cookie Diet is a fad diet that will not work to decrease weight over a long-term diet. The severe reduction in calories to 150 per meal will cause extreme hunger.

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