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With so many adults, teenagers, and children trying to lose excess body weight, there are always new approaches to weight loss emerging. Clearly different diet products and programs work more effectively for different people. One thing is for certain; if you do not really commit to a weight loss plan, it will unlikely be very effective. We created this review to help you better understand the Soypal Cookie Diet, which is one of the many contemporary approaches to weight loss. Apparently, this diet plan allows you to feel full, and you even get to eat cookies regularly. It is often referred to as “Japan’s favorite cookie diet.”

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The Soypal Cookie Diet is a weight loss plan that involves meal replacement. Put simply, you consume a package of Soypal Cookies in place of each main meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). You may be wondering if these cookies actually have the vitamins and minerals you need daily. Well, they do contain ingredients like Soy Pulp, which is also known as Okara. This component offers ample fiber, which in turn allows you to feel full. A single package of Soypal Cookies contains 150 calories. These cookies do offer some vitamins and protein (the exact amount is not disclosed).

There are three different flavors available for the Soypal Cookie Diet. These are Original, Chocolate, and Sesame. Plenty of water should be consumed on this diet as well, which helps you to feel full. In a nine-day time frame, you can potentially shed up to nine pounds of weight. There does not appear to be a fitness regimen involved with the Soypal Cookie Diet. Unfortunately the cost of this weight loss plan is not revealed. In fact, it appears that the Soypal Cookie Diet has been discontinued.

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  • The total calories in a package of these cookies is only 150.
  • The Soypal Cookies are high in fiber, which may help with digestive functioning.
  • It is convenient to only have to eat a package of cookies for a meal.


  • It is unlikely that you will get sufficient nutrients from eating only these cookies.
  • You are likely to be quite hungry on the Soypal Cookie Diet.
  • This weight loss plan is no longer available.
  • There is no fitness routine recommended with this diet plan.
  • There are only three flavors of Soypal Cookies, which may get old fast.


Overall, the Soypal Cookie Diet certainly comes across as a gimmicky quick-fix to weight loss. Even if you were able to shed nine pounds of weight in only nine days, it is unlikely that the weight would stay off for the long haul. Also, you are unlikely to get sufficient nutrients on a diet plan like this one. After all, you only eat Soypal Cookies on this weight loss program.

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