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When you first get started on your path to weight loss and getting fit, you might be overwhelmed by the number of diet plans and programs at your disposal. This often confuses many new dieters. The first thing you should consider is the amount of weight you are trying to lose, and what your ultimate goal is. This will help you rule out some dietary supplements, weight reduction programs, and diets. We created this review to better acquaint you with The Spartan Diet. The first thing you should know about this approach to weight loss is that it does not require any special supplements or fitness equipment.

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The Spartan Diet is ultimately an entire lifestyle change. It is supposed to mimic the common diet of ancient Spartans. On this diet, you no longer consume processed foods. This means no foods like store-bought crackers, cookies, cakes, cereals, and candy bars. As you may be aware, countless foods in the supermarket are processed. With The Spartan Diet, you have to go back to the old ways of buying and preparing whole foods. This means no frozen meals and TV dinners. By ruling out processed foods, you are able to detoxify your body. Exercise is also an important factor in this weight loss plan. However, while it is encouraged to stay active, there is no specific fitness regimen addressed for this weight loss plan.

Some foods encouraged in The Spartan Diet are Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, which means whole grains, apples, olive oil, grapes, garlic, and figs. You are also expected to reduce your daily intake of calories. In other words, you should never eat until you feel full, but rather, you should consume small portions of food throughout the day. You should never feel hungry either on The Spartan Diet.

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  • The Spartan Diet encourages an active lifestyle.
  • Processed foods are ruled out on this diet plan.
  • This method of weight loss is suitable for both women and men alike.


  • Some dieters may not appreciate the total lifestyle change involved.
  • You may need to change your eating habits dramatically on this diet.
  • There is no specific fitness regimen addressed.
  • No fat burning supplements are used on The Spartan Diet.


In one respect, The Spartan Diet appears to be a solid diet plan for weight loss, but in another respect, it seems a little dated. After all, this diet dates back many centuries. We now have new information on eating healthy and losing weight. Also, it is important to consider the lifestyle change that goes along with The Spartan Diet. In order to truly commit to this diet plan, you must be willing to completely change your eating habits.

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