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Special K Protein Water is a dietary supplement that is manufactured by Kelloggs. While this diet beverage is primarily marketed toward women that wish to lose weight, it is also suitable for men. Special K Protein Water is stated to “help you stay on track,” presumably referring to the user’s chosen diet program. It is sold in four different flavors, which are lemon twist, mixed berry, strawberry kiwi and tropical blend. Although Special K Protein Water is not sold via the official Kelloggs website, it can be purchased in most common grocery stores.

The primary ingredients offered in Special K Protein Water are Protein (builds lean muscle mass), Calcium (helps strengthen bones), Niacin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and dietary fiber (assists with bowel movements). Special K Protein Water is sold in the form of 16-ounce bottles, which come in cases of 12. There do not appear to be customer testimonials offered on the official Kelloggs website for Special K Protein Water. It is not stated whether or not Special K Protein Water is sold with a 100 % money-back/satisfaction guarantee. There do not appear to be free trial samples of Special K Protein Water provided through the official website. Unlike many other dietary supplements, Special K Protein Water is intended more as a snack/meal replacement than as a self-contained weight loss supplement, appetite suppressant or fat burner.

List of Ingredients

Water, contains two percent or less of sugar, polydextrose, whey protein isolate, citric acid, natural flavor (contains soy), phosphoric acid, calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, niacinamide, yellow #5, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6) and vitamin b12.

Product Features

Special K Protein Water is a dietary supplement that endeavors to “help you stay on track,” by offering a healthy, engineered snack alternative to those on a diet. This beverage is suited for both women and men alike and can be consumed as a snack/supplement at any time during the day. Special K Protein Water contains Protein (builds lean muscle mass), Calcium (helps strengthen bones), Niacin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and dietary fiber (assists with bowel movements). There is no clinical evidence provided to support the effectiveness of Special K Protein Water. This diet product can be purchased in most common supermarkets.

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  • Special K Protein Water can be easily and conveniently purchased in most grocery stores.
  • Special K Protein Water comes in a simple liquid form that can be consumed at any time.
  • Special K Protein Water contains vitamins and nutrients like protein and calcium.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any sort of money-back guarantee offered with Special K Protein Water.
  • Special K Protein Water doesn’t contain any known fat-burners or appetite suppressants.
  • There are no free trial samples of Special K Protein Water offered through the official website.
  • There aren’t any customer testimonials provided for Special K Protein Water on the website.
  • Some ingredients found in Special K Protein Water may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • Special K Protein Water basically relies on the user’s choice of diet program to deliver results.


Overall, Special K Protein Water is more of a snack/meal substitute, an not a weight loss supplement. This beverage is unique in regards to the fact that it comes in liquid form, instead of a capsule, tablet or pill. However, it may be difficult to determine whether or not Special K Protein Water is actually a wise choice for losing unwanted body fat. After all, this dietary supplement does not aim to suppress cravings, burn fat or minimize carbs. In the end, Special K Protein Water is more of a nutritional sports drink than a weight loss product formulated to help users lose pounds.

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17 User Reviews about Special K Protein Water

  • 1

    Why was this product discontinued? It had great taste. I live in Penna.and I have search from here to N.Carolina looking for this water. I keep hoping one box will appear on a shelf. Please bring it back. Pink lemonade


  • 2

    I have looked in every store in elko no ne carries the water. I have checked walmart in elko nv, winnamucca, reno no one carries the water and most employees never heard of it. The say look in pharmacy then koolaid isle. I have never had more problems tying to find a product. I will be buying it online I give up on the stores.



    I was buying it via Amazon for the last few years but the cost has gone up astronomically that I can’t afford it any longer. I can not find it in stores either. I buy the powder in little packs and add it to water. It flavors my water to help with intake.



    Hi Tami, I started using the Special K Protein Water mixes about 7 years ago and love them. Unfortunately it seems they have been discontinued by Kelloggs as I have been looking for the little packs for several years now. Where are you buying yours?


  • 3

    I use this product after having gastric bypass. You have to get 60 grams of protein a day and it is hard to do with my stomach being so much smaller. This is a great way to get fiber and your protein without adding calories…..You also are supposed to drink about 60 oz of water per day, so this way I get my water and my protein. Great tasting product, just hard to find in my area, so i guess I will order online.


  • 4

    I would like to know where in Seattle that I can find this product?


  • 5



  • 6

    where and what stores sells this product I have tride it but cant find it any more


  • 7

    Does anyone know if the protein water would qualify as part of the liquid diet required for the 24 hour preparation for a colonoscopy? I thought so, until I read the ingredients that include fiber. The liquids required can’t have and solids, for example orange juice. But I need protein to keep my blood sugar from dropping dramatically. Thanks for any help.


  • 8
    Sharon Gire

    I am preparing for a colonoscopy which requires a liquid diet for 24 hours. I also need something that has protein, or my blood sugar drops dramatically. I thought the protein water would work until I read that it has fiber. Can anyone tell me if it is acceptable? The doctor’s office just says the liquids cannot contain solids, for example like fruit juices. Thanks for any help.


  • 9

    I use the Special K drink mix I found it in the Walmart Pharmacy area. I love it! I sip on it all day and it helps me not only met my daily water needs but also stops my snacking between meals. It is a awesome product!


  • 10

    I started drinking 4 bottles of water a day mixed with special k drink mix. It really helps stops the craving to eat between meals. In addition to using Special K, I have limited my carbs intake and have lost 15lbs the first 3 weeks without doing any exercises.


  • 11
    Pamela Robinson

    Is Special K Protein Water a good vitamin and protein supplement I don’t need it for weight loss.


  • 12

    I have the Pink Lemonade powder. It very convenient. It doesn’t suggest to burn calories or be a weight loss aid except for that with the protein and fiber, it makes it a lot easier to not snack between meals and curbs my appetite a bit before meals.


  • 13
    londa wgoner

    i biught it at walmart now i can only get the mix i like it already mixed uplo=ike it already mixed uo nit powdered ikeaready mi-xed

    i like where can i find it walmart does not carry it nor does walgreens
    where can i buy itdemanding



    I am looking for it too and can’t find it anywhere



    I bought this product at walmart in the pharmacy dept where you get weight loss items. I’m trying it for the first time.I chose the strawberry kiwi. its good.