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The Speed Diet is becoming more popular with the ever changing idea of thin in society. Speed refers to Adderall or other prescription stimulant that may be prescribed for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, Adderall is prescribed to patients with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When taken by people without ADD or ADHD, the stimulant effect is combined with severe appetite suppression. The use of Speed as a dietary aid is commonly linked to Hollywood where actors and actresses are constantly fighting to stay thin. But, every day people admit to using Speed to combat hunger to lose weight.

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Stimulant like Adderall.

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Speed is the common name for amphetamines. In the medical community, amphetamines are prescribed to treat ADD or ADHD, but for some men and women it is not the attention focusing effects they are looking for. Adderall, the most common drug used for Speed dieting, suppresses the appetite to the point where users do not feel the need to eat at all. Hollywood stars have supposedly used the drug to slim down, but Adderall is not typically prescribed for weight loss. Some doctors, however, are seeing the weight loss benefits and prescribing the medication off label to patients who would benefit from weight loss. When weighing risks versus rewards, there could be a good argument for using Speed to lose weight as long as the prescribing doctor is part of the weight loss plan.

Adderall can also be purchased online through various pharmacies without a prescription. It is hard to keep track of all the medications sold online without a prescription, but in the United States, authorities work hard to stop illegal purchases. Anyone found buying prescription medications without a prescription can face criminal charges. Speed sells online for $209 per 30 day supply. The drug is addictive, which could mean higher risk of side effects or death.

Over time, the body will become used to the prescription medication and more will be required to suppress appetite. This could lead to addiction or dependence on the drug.

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  • Extreme appetite suppression.


  • Speed is addictive.
  • A prescription is needed for Adderall or similar drug.
  • The medication costs more than other safe alternatives.
  • Side effects include raised heart rate and possibly death.


The Adderall or Speed diet is not a safe alternative to calorie reduction and exercise. Natural supplements can be used to decrease hunger and these are proven to work without the potential side effects of a prescription medication. With the huge increase in Adderall prescriptions, doctors may begin prescribing alternative drugs in place of Adderall or other amphetamine drugs for ADD and ADHD.

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