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What You Should Know

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Speed V-2 is a dedicated fat burner and weight loss stimulant created by LG Sciences. The company is known for bodybuilding supplements, but this supplement can be taken by both dieters and bodybuilders wanted to cut fat before a competition. Fat burners typically have stimulants to increase heart rate and metabolism packaged with an appetite suppressant to keep hunger at bay. This supplement has the stimulation covered, but appetite suppression may be lacking.

List of Ingredients

Speed Complex: Theobromine, Cissus Quadralangus, Beta-phenylethylamine, Evodia Fruit, Quercetin, Geranium Oil Extract #105-41-9, Bitter Orange (standardized for synephrine), Piperine, Vitamin B12.

Product Features

Theobromine is a form of stimulant similar to caffeine. It is most commonly consumed as part of chocolate, though stimulant supplements often include the ingredient to increase heart rate.

Cissus Quadralangus has been included in research studies regarding its effect on weight loss. The studies included a controlled dietary intake and led to significant differences in weight loss between the supplemented group and placebo group. One study utilized 300 mg of Cissus Quadralangus daily. Speed V-2′s proprietary blend is only 271 mg total, so there is not enough of the ingredient to achieve these same results.

Beta-phenylethylamine is a stimulant with mood boosting effects. Many experts will suggest that mood is important to weight loss and they are quite correct. If a dieter is not in the right mood, they will not stick with a weight loss or exercise plan. Dieters taking anti-depressant medications or any other mood altering prescription should not take this supplement due to possible interactions.

Evodia Fruit is an interesting ingredient that may reduce pain and relieve gastrointestinal problems. However, it is also known to increase appetite which is the opposite effect dieters need. Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Geranium Oil may have diuretic effects. Bitter Orange is a stimulant source of synephrine. Piperine typically increases the absorption rate of other ingredients though it may pack a slight metabolism boosting quality as it is derived from hot pepper. The final ingredient is Vitamin B12. This B vitamin helps convert food to energy.

Speed V-2 sells for $31.99 per bottle. The dieter should take between one and three capsules daily which means one bottle should last one month.

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  • Stimulants will increase heart rate.
  • Cissus Quadralangus will increase weight loss in the right doses.


  • There is not enough Cissus Quadralangus in the supplement.
  • Evodia Fruit may increase appetite.


Despite the fact that Speed V-2 is cheaper than other fat burners, it does not contain the right ingredients to boost weight loss. Any fat burner that skips on the appetite suppressant only to include an ingredient known to stimulate appetite is one every dieter should leave behind.

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