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Spike Hardcore Energy is a product from Biotest Supplements. We were unable to find an official website for the supplement side of Biotest though there is a corporate site that explains work the company is doing in the pharmaceutical business. Spike Hardcore Energy is not your average energy supplement. There have been numerous reports of negative reactions to Spike Hardcore Energy, all associated with the altered form of thiamin added to the supplement. The only ingredients in the formula are thiamin and caffeine – though the proprietary blend hides just how much of each is included.

List of Ingredients


  • Thiamine Di (2-Methylpropionate) Disulfide
  • Caffeine

Product Features

When we read product descriptions for energy supplements that claim the supplement makes you feel like you are on crystal meth or amphetamines of any kind, we are leery about suggesting the supplement to dieters. Spike Hardcore Energy supplies an undisclosed amount of altered thiamine, unique to Biotest (the supplement manufacturer). There are reports on bodybuilding forums of flu-like symptoms and horrible side effects after taking Spike Hardcore Energy, but these reviews have not forced Biotest to change the formula. Thiamin is a B vitamin used by the body for various metabolism-related activities, but rest assured the thiamine in Spike Hardcore Energy is not the same form of thiamin. There is no definitive information on Biotest’s thiamine, but there are reports the company will go to their grave hiding the ingredient’s secret.

As for the caffeine in Spike Hardcore Energy, we believe the dose is likely around the 200 mg mark. The proprietary blend supplies a total weight of 400 mg, so there could be slightly more or slightly less caffeine. The suggested dose claims users can take up to two Spike Hardcore Energy in the morning, but no more than two should be consumed in one day.

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  • Ingredients in Spike Hardcore Energy are listed online.
  • Caffeine will boost energy and metabolism.


  • Contains an altered form of thiamine that may cause drug-like side effects.
  • Reports claim the supplement causes flu-like symptoms.


We are not thrilled by the reviews and reports surrounding Spike Hardcore Energy. The supplement is not found on an official Biotest website and reports via forums are few and far between. The supplement appears to be geared toward the bodybuilding community. There are no testimonials from dieters who’ve lost weight on the supplement. Dieters looking for a safe and effective diet pill may want to stick with products that contain green tea and a safe amount of caffeine.

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