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You do not have to invest in large exercise equipment in order to work out. These days, there are all kinds of compact fitness devices on the market to choose from. Most of these products can be purchased and used in the privacy of your own home. The one we will look at in this review is Spin Gym. This is a “Gyrotronic Resistance Training” device that is pitched at women. It can be used virtually anywhere with ease, and it sells for $29.99. If you take a look at the official As Seen on TV website, you can watch a short video that displays how the Spin Gym works. This fitness tool only requires five minutes of your time each day.


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Product Features

The Spin Gym is a workout device that is claimed to help you go from saggy to sensational. This unique workout tool provides over 20 pounds of resistance. The Spin Gym has a ring on each end, which is for each hand. There are two cords that run from each ring, and into the center of this device. When you pull each ring, you get resistance, which works out your arms. So, this product basically helps you get in a quick upper body workout.

When you purchase the Spin Gym, you receive a neoprene carrying bag, the Spin Gym itself, an extra-strength cord, an instruction manual, a DVD workout series, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, there is no special diet promoted with this workout tool. The primary pitch of the Spin Gym is that it can be used anywhere, and at any time. It is lightweight, and convenient to travel with.

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  • There is one customer testimonial posted on the official website.
  • The Spin Gym is lightweight in comparison to dumbbells.
  • This product assists with strengthening your upper body.


  • There is no low-fat diet mentioned with the Spin Gym.
  • It is unlikely that this fitness tool will aid with real fat loss.
  • A dietary supplement may be more suitable for some people.
  • The Spin Gym does not assist with cardiovascular exercise.
  • This fitness device is really only geared toward women.


If your primary goal is shedding unwanted body fat, then you should adopt a healthy diet plan, and regular exercise regimen that includes cardio workouts. This will allow you to burn off more calories, and shed more fat more quickly. As for the Spin Gym, this is a handy fitness tool for women, who wish to get in an upper body, strengthening workout, but with minimal equipment. However, it is important to remember that the Spin Gym only allows for around 20 pounds of tension, which may not be enough for all women.

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