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What You Need to Know

Spinning is a type of exercise that is supposed to help you lose weight and get into shape. It was created by a world class cyclist, John G. Goldberg. In the year 1989 John G. Goldberg and John Baudhyin went together and opened the first spinning center that was ever known in Santa Monica, California.


The things that are needed to so this spinning workout are an exercise bike and a gym may help. More than likely this is probably possible to do at home, but it is believed that it will be more effective in a gym and with an instructor.

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Spinning is considered to be a type of aerobic exercise. It involves what is called visualization. In this type of class you are encouraged to try and focus on being in the outdoors while riding an actual bike. It is designed to make you actually feel like you are enjoying an outdoor cycling session. They create this type of mood supposedly by playing certain music and giving you commands that may suggest that you are actually outside such as “Now you are going up a steep hill, keep pedaling, don’t give up, you are almost there.” The pace may change throughout the course of the class like standing and pedaling at the same time, changing the tension on the bike, or even going full force. This may be an interesting class for people that like to go cycling, but they don’t have the time or the place to do it.

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  • One good thing that this seems to offer is that fact that this is an aerobic workout.
  • This has great potential to have capabilities to be used with a good weight loss program.
  • This workout is now available in countless amounts of gyms all across America.
  • Could be a fun and interesting approach to exercising for someone that may have a hard time getting into another type of routine.


  • This may be slightly difficult for beginners.
  • Some people may not be able to find the time to go to the gym to participate in a class.
  • Conclusion

    It appears as though this may be an interesting approach to exercise. Some people may find this type of program to be more enjoyable than many other types of exercises that are out there. People always seem to be looking for a fun and different way to lose weight and stay in shape. However, just like many other programs it could have it’s drawbacks. It appears as though this program may not be suitable for beginners or for people who may have some sort of physical challenge. The bottom line is some people may not be able to have time or money to go to the gym or they may even find it embarrassing to have to go workout in front of other people.

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