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The Sport-Elec is an electro-stimulation belt aimed at creating an analgesic and endorphin effect. Sport-Elec Institut manufactures the belt itself; formally, Sport Elec. Sport-Elec is based out of Bourgtheroulde, FRANCE and has been in operation since 1986. The website gives the consumers detailed information regarding the functionality of the product as well as other products. Sport-Elec is not sold under the main website link for the United States, only in European countries.

List of Ingredients

Ab Belt muscle stimulator with a built-in patented contact system, one-month supply of contact gel, Sport-Elec eating plan, Sport-Elec Move It or Lose It walking CD and 4 built-in toning pads.

Product Features

In terms of weight loss claims, Sport-Elec does not have testimonials to support the product. Weight loss from the center core comes from a mixture of diet and exercise, not use of the product alone. The clinical studies were conducted on various subjects over a wide spectrum of ages and body types with results concluding satisfaction as the main outcome. There are no external links for the clinical study, so the dieter can assume the studies were funded by Sport-Elec. Additional testimonials claimed to strengthen muscles and increase firmness. No results pointed toward weight loss.

The product does have electromagnetic pads within the belt instead of external pads. The only need is the conductivity crème designed for thirty sessions. Thus after thirty sessions, you will now have an additional expense to occur. The Sport-Elec is sold on various e-commerce websites such as for $119.95. Other websites offer a 14-day free trial prior to purchase.

The abdominal muscles are the smallest muscle group. Working this muscle group will not effectively burn enough calories to sustain weight loss. The average 150 pound person burns only 5 calories per minute doing vigorous sit-ups. The same amount of time spent working lower body muscles, such as those worked on an elliptical machine, will burn at least twice as many calories. Claims and testimonials should have provided the dieter with realistic results to achieve their weight loss goals.

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  • International ordering is supported.
  • Sport-Elec is marketed at well know e-commerce websites.
  • Built-in pads.
  • Four programs with 30 intensity levels.


  • No supported claims of actual weight loss.
  • Cannot be used by someone that has a pace maker.
  • No supported claims of safe amounts of electricity produced from the product.
  • Not made for customer with a 44 inch or larger waist.


Sport-Elec is not a proven weight loss product. The product is designed to tone and firm slack skin, but not assist you in reaching your weight loss goal. All claims for the Sport-Elec point toward muscle firmness and strength over time.

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