Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone Review

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More and more, you will see “weight loss” and “toning” devices that are supposed to allow you to get fit, but without having to do any real exercise. Although many infomercials and Internet websites push these products, some fitness experts are against them. This brings us to the product we will elaborate on in this review. It is called Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone. After doing a little online research, it is clear that there are several Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone belts offered to address different parts of the body. There is even a Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone Complete System. However, these products appear to be unavailable for purchase on most distributor websites at this point.

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Product Features

Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is a basically a belt device that is strapped onto a body part in order to assist with muscle toning. As you may have seen on a TV infomercial in the past, these belts send electrical impulses into the muscles, which cause them to contract. This aids with overall toning, but you actually do not have to do any work. The Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone Complete System includes an abdominal toning belt, buttocks and leg attachments, as well as arm attachments. This way you can firm up the abdominals, legs and arms, all while sitting on the couch.

According to the company that created Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone, this product has been approved by the FDA for muscle toning. However, there is no official price posted for this product. Also, each Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone belt uses contact gel packets, which have to be replaced. When you purchase this product, you get a 30-day supply. An instruction manual also comes with Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone. Just so you know, there are 30 levels of exercise with this product, and four different toning programs. Unfortunately there is no mention of a warranty or satisfaction guarantee.

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  • This device allows men and women to tone muscles to some degree without exercising.
  • There is no doctor’s prescription needed for Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone.
  • This device addresses the legs, arms, and abdominal muscles.


  • Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone will not aid with real calorie burning for fat loss.
  • The use of this product discourages real exercise.
  • There are no convenient supplements used in conjunction with this device.
  • No warranty or satisfaction guarantee is mentioned.
  • You have to acquire replacement gel packets for this toning product.


One thing that you should really keep in mind with the Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is that it discourages real exercise, which is not a good thing. Also, you should consider the fact that this product requires replacement gel packets. This means it will cost you more money down the road. Also, it appears that the Sport Elec Shape-N-Tone is not available any longer, which means it will likely be difficult to acquire any replacement gel packets, even if you do find the belts for sale.

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