Sports Art Leg Extension Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Finding and choosing the right fitness equipment and machines can take some serious time and research. After all, if you are going to fork out the cash on some fitness supplies, you need to make certain they are of good quality, affordable, and useful for you and the fitness regimen/program you have in mind. At this point, we are going to look more closely at the Sports Art DF-100 Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine. It is part of the Dual Function Strength Series offered by Sports Art Fitness. The cost of this machine is $3,499.00. It can be acquired online through several distributors.

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Product Features

The Sports Art Leg Extension machine is a piece of fitness equipment that aims to assist both men and women with strengthening and toning their legs. According to the official website, this product is both aesthetically pleasing and innovative. It is equipped with a Contoured Dual-Cam System that is claimed to provide wonderful ergonomics and smooth resistance. The Sports Art DF-100 Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine also has a Direct Drive System, which eliminates slack so the resistance is constant. As for the warranty on this product, there is a 10-year frame warranty, one-year labor warranty, five-year weight stack warranty, three-year belts and cables warranty, and a one-year warranty on grips and covers.

Some of the convenience features on the Sports Art DF-100 Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine are as follows; spring-lock resistance knobs, adjustable seat-back, adjustable cylindrical cushion for ankle support, magnetized stack-fork for a secure weight selection, and weights that can be adjusted in 5.5-pound increments. Some other features of the Sports Art DF-100 Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine are 1,500-pound steel aircraft cables for smooth operation, cold rolled steel weights, and five-inch shrouded pulleys. The overall weight stack for this machine is 220 pounds, and the dimensions are 52 inches by 42 inches by 67 inches.

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  • This machine allows you to work out your legs.
  • The Sports Art DF-100 Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine encourages strength training.
  • This machine can be adjusted from five to 220 pounds.


  • There were no customer reviews posted for the Sports Art Leg Extension machine.
  • The cost is very high at $3,499.
  • This machine will unlikely assist with calorie burning like an aerobics exercise will.
  • This machine does not allow for cardiovascular workouts.


Overall, the Sports Art DF-100 Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine comes across as a solid piece of fitness equipment that looks like it belongs in a gym. Spending $3,499 on this machine is not feasible for most people. It is also important to consider that this piece of equipment only works out your legs. Therefore it is not an ideal workout machine for weight loss, or strengthening the upper body.

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