Sports Nutrition International Review

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Sports Nutrition International

What You Should Know

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Sports Nutrition International is a health supplement company. We were unable to find an official website for the company, and though discouraging for the purpose of this review, were able to locate the supplements through many third party sources. Due to the lack of a website, we cannot speculate on whether or not the company’s products are still in production. We will take a closer look at the products to see what benefits they have to offer for dieters.

List of Ingredients

As Sports Nutrition International produces several different products, we suggest you look at the individual product or products you are interested in for more information.

Product Features

Sports Nutrition International products include: 20 Beta, AEE, BCAA 4 Hour, CEE, Glutamine Peptide, Glutamine, Lipolean, Muscle Blast, Pro Mass Chocolate, Pro Mass Vanilla, Pro Whey Banana, Pro Whey Chocolate, Pro Whey Cookies n Cream, Protein Wafer Strawberry Banana, Protein Wafer Vanilla, Thermalean, Tribulus, Amino 4 Hour, and others. The other products produced by the company do not appear to be currently available at the time of the review, and we do not know if they are going to be available again. The Beta, AEE, BCAA, CEE, Gluatmaine products, Muscle Blast, Pro Mass, and Pro Whey are all geared toward building more lean muscle mass. While more lean muscle mass is necessary to help the body burn fat, the body must first lose fat before it can build muscle, so the average dieter does not need these types of products. Thermalean is a fat burner and appetite suppressant for dieters.

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  • There is a wide variety of products and flavors to suit various needs and tastes.


  • We were unable to locate an official website for the Sports Nutrition International company.
  • We are not sure if the products are still being produced.
  • The majority of the products are geared toward building muscle rather than losing fat, and therefore may be more beneficial to those who are weight training rather than dieting.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • There are no free trials.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.


Since we can neither confirm nor deny the production status of these products and there is a great deal of information about them lacking, we do not recommend these over any other product. We recommend that you find either a proven fat burner or a proven appetite suppressant then combine the regular use of the product with a balanced diet and exercise routine.

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