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In this day and age, there are countless fitness tools and devices to assist you with getting fit and getting lean. A lot really just depends on your goals when it comes to your physique and overall weight reduction. Regardless of what you are striving to accomplish, you can certainly find the right diet products, supplements, workout machines, and exercise devices to meet your needs, if you look hard enough. This brings us to the SPRI Parachute, which is a device you may not be familiar with. After all, how often do you see a man or woman sprinting with an open parachute tied to their back?

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Product Features

The SPRI Parachute is essentially a small parachute device. It is tied or strapped around the user’s waist by a cord, and then hangs open behind him or her. This way when the user takes off running, the SPRI Parachute will open up behind him/her, providing ample resistance. The purpose of this is naturally to improve the user’s running speed, strength, endurance, and calorie burning. A large SPRI Parachute offers 30 pounds of resistance, and has a 56-inch by 56-inch span. It sells online for around $50, and can be found on routine websites like Amazon.

According to the makers of the SPRI Parachute, by using this product, you can improve speed, acceleration, and explosiveness. More specifically, this device is supposed to improve your stride length and frequency (two key elements of speed). The belt that ties around your waist when wearing this device is Velcro. The SPRI Parachute enables you to release it mid-stride, and it can be used in any direction. This parachute has built-in mesh panels, which help keep the chute stabilized when in use. As you may have guessed, the SPRI Parachute can be used by athletes from any sport, to aid with training.

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  • This device creates resistance when you run, which burns more calories.
  • The SPRI Parachute encourages cardio exercise.
  • This product is easy to acquire via the web.


  • There are no convenient supplements involved to aid with weight loss.
  • Some dieters may not be interested in running outdoors.
  • It may be a little awkward training with a parachute tied to your back.
  • There is no mention of a warranty with the SPRI Parachute.


Overall, the SPRI Parachute is a rather unique and innovative workout tool that certainly may benefit some athletes and track professionals. There is no doubt that this product will create resistance when you run with it open. However, you should consider where you would actually be able to use the SPRI Parachute. Also, keep in mind that this product only aids with one type of exercise, running.

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