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SPRI is a fitness equipment manufacturer. It claims to be the professional’s choice because of their high quality products. We will take a closer look at the products they offer to determine how well these products are able to assist dieters and weight lifters in their physical fitness in reaching their goals.

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Product Features

SPRI has a full line of physical fitness products to help both professionals and private individuals. The website has a special separate section for professionals who want to look at or order equipment for their gyms and classes. There are several products available in the following categories: Aquatics, Balance and Stability, Exercise Mats, Wall Charts, Jim Karas, Kick Boxing, New from SPRI, Body Weight Training, Corrective Exercise, Rubber Resistance, Shape Special Offers, Sport Conditioning, Stability Balls, Weighted Resistance, As Seen in Prevention, Get Fit in 2010, Martina Navratilova, Body-Mind Fitness, Fitness Assessment, Training Resources, Product Storage, and The Biggest Loser. There are several other ways to look for and find products, because you can search for a product name or you can browse by goal or interest.

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  • The products are available online, by mail through a catalog, and through various dealers located throughout the country.


  • Simply having exercise equipment in your possession will not help you lose weight. You have to be motivated to use it and follow a balanced diet in order for it to be effective toward losing weight.
  • The company does not offer any supplements to help with fat burning or curbing the appetite.
  • There are no free product trials.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • There are no money back guarantees.
  • Fitness professionals and gyms will likely benefit more from the product line than private individuals. Private individuals can see many of these products in their local gyms.


While it is a good idea to have some fitness equipment in the home if you do not intend to walk, run, jog, or join a gym during your weight loss efforts, we recommend choosing this equipment in person. It is important to remember that just because you own the equipment does not mean you will use it. Combine a proven weight loss supplement containing either a fat burner or an appetite suppressant with a balanced diet and exercise program to have the best shot at getting real weight loss results.

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