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Stack Rush is an ephedra supplement that contains the ideal ratio of caffeine to ephedra to optimize weight loss. A decade ago, this supplement may have had a foothold in the diet industry, but ephedra has been banned for use as a diet supplement by the Food and Drug Administration. That ban requires pharmacies collect personal information from consumers purchasing ephedra and limit purchases of ephedra based on purchases. Diet products no longer legally contain ephedra despite the fact that many manufacturers still claim to add “real” ephedra to their supplements.

There are multiple extracts from the plant that produces “real” ephedra. Only one extract has been banned and is currently regulated because only “real” ephedra is proven to increase heart rate, increase blood pressure and increase the risk of early death. Any other extract from the plant may carry the ephedra name, but it is not “real” ephedra.

List of Ingredients


  • Ephedra Extract
  • Guggul Complex
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea Leaves
  • Kola Nut Seeds
  • Guggulsterones
  • Gymnema Leaves

Product Features

There are tons of fat burners on the market today, but the ones that claim to contain ephedra are the most dangerous. Stack Rush contains a stack of stimulants, including ephedra, caffeine, green tea and kola nut. The average dieter will feel the negative effects of overstimulation soon after taking this supplement. At first, the dieter may feel an increase in energy, but that increase is soon replaced with jitters, nausea, shakes, anxiety, rapid heart rate and elevated blood pressure. In some cases, excessive intake of stimulants can cause symptoms of a heart attack.

Does this product contain “real” ephedra? Yes, there is a good chance Stack Rush contains real ephedra because the manufacturer has since discontinued the supplement. Stack Rush available for sale today is either old stock or a new product with the same name that contains one of the ephedra extracts with no stimulating side effects.

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  • The ingredients for Stack Rush are listed online.
  • Stack Rush contains several proven fat burners.
  • Will likely increase metabolism and weight loss.


  • Stack Rush is no longer available for sale.
  • The product could be sold on ephedra websites, but likely does not contain ephedra or is old stock that is out-dated.
  • Ephedra is linked to health problems, including elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure and increased risk of early death.
  • Ephedra is illegal.


Stack Rush is not a supplement we would trust. Dieters should choose safe, effective supplements that are legal for use and purchase in the United States.

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