Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet Review

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Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet is an ephedra-free version of an energy supplement that was once very popular. The original formula for Yellow Hornet contained ephedra, but when ephedra was banned Stacker, along with most other companies, reformulated supplements to remove the ephedra. The reformulation meant adding other stimulants to the mix to try and mimic the ephedra effect. In most cases, synephrine was used for this purpose, but Stacker 2 chose to combine yohimbine, yerba mate, guarana, kola nut and quite a large amount of caffeine. This supplement is not safe for the average dieter as it will cause nausea, jitters, shakes, racing heart rate and possibly increased blood pressure. If you are currently taking any prescription medications it is best to skip this supplement all together.

List of Ingredients


  • Yohimbine Alkaloids
  • Yerba Mate
  • Guarana
  • Kola Nut
  • Capsaicin
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg

Product Features

Yohimbine, yerba mate, guarana, kola nut and caffeine are all stimulants. There is a whopping 300 mg of caffeine per dose of Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet. Over the counter anti-sleep medications tend to have about 200 mg per dose and those are known to cause negative side effects and, by definition, prevent sleep. Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet packs an additional 100 mg of caffeine and four other stimulants into the mix. The end result is longer lasting caffeine high that may leave the dieter feeling more sick than energetic.

Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism, but taking more caffeine does not increase this effect. Ideally, the dieter can consume as little as 75 mg of caffeine and metabolism will increase. Many dieters consume more than that in the first cup of coffee each morning. Caffeine has a lifespan of 12 hours, so taking this much caffeine means after 6 hours there will still be 150 mg of caffeine left in the body. Even if the dieter takes the supplement early in the day, they could still have trouble sleeping at night.

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  • Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet lists all ingredients online.
  • Will increase energy.
  • Will increase metabolism.


  • Contains unneeded stimulants.
  • Will likely cause negative side effects for most dieters.
  • Should not be taken with prescription medications.
  • Dieters should not consume caffeine with the supplement.
  • Should not be taken by dieters with heart or other health issues.


Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet may no longer contain ephedra, but the company sure packed in the caffeine and stimulants. This is not a safe alternative to proven fat burners and we found no free trials available so a dieter could take a dose to judge how the body reacts.

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13 User Reviews about Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet

  • 1

    I love these little gems, read the instructions, stay calm and all will be well. I dj on stage regularly and love the extra energy boost it gives me. plus, i feel more focused. I have yet to have any negative side effects. Thanks to these pills, I have stopped drinking both coffee and energy drinks, they’re nothing but sugar in a can to me.


  • 2
    Andrea holt

    These pills are toxic.If I could give it an negative star I would. It made me throw up gave me the shakes and made my heart race. I don’t recommend them to anyone


  • 3

    How many can u take a day


  • 4

    Would NOT recommend this product to even my worst enemy! Wanted something to keep me awake since I work nightshift…. I tolerate stimulants well but this was absolute worst. Felt uncontrollably shaky, n/v, eyes bloodshot red within first hour. Made myself throw up & still feel miserable. Ordinary Stacker 2′s are fine but this OTC pill is toxic! Save your $ & a possible trip to the ER.


  • 5

    I took one over the weekend in the morning and it felt like I took a lot of adderall or a lot vyvances honestly I liked it a lot an it wasn’t that bad but it felt like I was going to have a heart attack when I was crashing otherwise it was good


  • 6

    i just took one of these evil pills and i ate too and my stomach hurts so much i have chills every 5 mins and i fel awful and most important i have no energy what so ever im laying in bed with awful pains and my heart beat is a lil fast i hate the pils as m7uch as the real dam hornets and i have thyroid poblems and i take levothyroxine i hope i dont die i took the pill exactly like 3 hours ago :/


  • 7

    Just took these after a sap of energy over the weekend. The instructions purely state to take one after eating, and to absolutely positively no matter what take all 4 within a one day period much less all 4 in one time. This product is dangerous to those who do not pay attention to warning labels or those without common sense. The key for this is to take it with food… not by itself. It worked for me and helped my performance at work after expending myself on a 40 mile bike ride the previous weekend. If you have any conditions or diseases of any kind, ask your physician for something to help you with energy loss. This is a energy supplement for those who dont have it because of rigorous training, excercise, or work. This product is very helpful depending on your situation. Please take care and read everything you can on the package. If you have any doubt then dont take it!


  • 8

    never take these pills my husband took all 4 that were in the packet without reading it and 5 minutes later he fainted at work was shaking so much sweating. He was like this for over a day this product is DANGEROUS



    Thats your husbands fault, dont try blaming the product because he neglected to read the instructions… I been using this product for years and it has proven helpful. The only times i suffer from side effects is when i forget to eat an hour before.


  • 9

    this product only has bad side effects on some people. i take these everyday and have no problems with them besides jitters, on the other hand, i personally know people who have thrown up on them, and one it does nothing to. it all depends on your body type and how well you take certian ingrediants in these.


  • 10

    I just took this. My husband takes it stay awake it dd to me what Mary said. I almost passed out in walmart and I am perfectly healthy!!!


  • 11

    I would not recommend this product to anyone. I actually used Stackers 2: Yellow Hornet for the first time 4 hours ago and I almost went to the emergency room. Side Effects: Dangerously high heart rate, trouble breathing, extreme shakes, cold sweats and vomiting. This product is dangerous!



    HORRIBLE!! I took 1 of these this morning at 9 a.m. on the dot. It is now 4:07 p.m. and I want to DIE and feel like I could be! I had a little bit of diarrhea about 30 minutes ago after drinking a lot of water (trying ANYTHING to get this pill OUT of my system!!!) and maybe felt 1% better which is SOMETHING! I feel out of my element completely! Head doesn’t feel good. Anxiety, queezy, just completely BAD all around. Been praying to Jesus to please let this pass as FAST as possible! Nothing in the world is worth THIS! I agree with Mary I think who said she wouldn’t recommend to her worst enemy! AVOID STACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!