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There have been a lot of different exercise machines and fitness devices over the years. In fact, the developers of these products are constantly trying to come out with new and innovative ways to help people stay fit and lose weight. As you may have seen at some point or another, the stair-climber device is one popular piece of fitness equipment that is commonly used in homes and gyms. This brings us to the StairMaster Stepper. StairMaster is one brand that focuses on creating innovative and effective exercise tools to assist both women and men. One of these devices is the StairMaster 4600CL Stepper. However, there are various other StairMaster models as well.

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Product Features

The StairMaster Stepper is a machine that allows you to get a stair-climbing style workout. You can adjust the intensity and pressure of the steps to suit your weight and capabilities. For instance, the StairMaster 4600CL Stepper is a battery-powered device that provides a cardio workout for the lower body. It has cushioned foot pedals, easy-grip handles, and even side handrails. This particular StairMaster Stepper machine provides a step rate of 26-174 steps per minute. It also allows for 20 different resistance levels, as well as six different workout programs.

The StairMaster 4600CL Stepper can hold up to 300 pounds. It measures 32 (width) x 69 (height) x 44 (depth) inches, and comes with a 15-year warranty (only for the frame). The weight of this StairMaster Stepper is 155 pounds total. Unlike some machines, this one is stated to be safe, and provides biomechanically correct body movements. An LCD screen is offered to display the user’s heart rate and workout program. The six different programs are as follows: calorie burner, quick start, heart rate zone trainer, manual, fat burner, and speed intervals.

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  • The StairMaster brand has been around since 1983.
  • This type of machine provides a lower body cardio workout.
  • The StairMaster Stepper can be used with ease in your home.


  • The cost of a StairMaster Stepper can range from $1,500 to $4,000.
  • There are so many workout machines available today, which makes it difficult to determine which one is right for you.
  • This product only works out your lower body.
  • There are no convenient supplements involved for fat burning or appetite suppression.
  • The 15-year warranty on this machine only applies to the frame.


When seeking out an exercise device or machine, a lot depends on your intentions or weight loss goals. As for the StairMaster Stepper, this product is really just for light cardio workouts, and getting your legs and butt fit. It will not assist your upper body with getting tone. Be sure to keep this in mind when shopping around.

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