Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle Review

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You will not have any difficulty finding fitness equipment in local sporting goods stores and online. In fact, there is a little something for everyone at this point. Whether you want to focus on your core, build your upper body, get in some serious cardio exercise, or work on your legs and butt, there is a product out there that can assist you. This brings us to the Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle. Like most pieces of fitness equipment on the market nowadays, this product is meant to be used in the comfort of your own home. It can be found on distributor websites like Amazon, and it sells for a list price of $69.99.

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Product Features

The Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle is a product that is made by the company, Stamina. This company was founded back in 1987, and has always focused on creating quality fitness equipment. As for the Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle, this is basically a portable exercise bike. It can be used on a tabletop or the floor. Just so you understand, this piece of equipment is essentially a steel frame bipod with pedals. This way it rests in a sturdy position on a hard surface, while you sit in front of it, place your feet on the pedals, and use it like a bike. The pedals are sturdy, and have rubber traction, as well as foot straps to assist you.

The measurements for the Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle are 19 inches in width, 15.25 inches in height, and 12.25 inches in depth. This product does offer a batter-operated monitor that times your workout, as well as different resistance levels. It weighs 6.2 pounds, and comes with a 90-day warranty. It is easy enough to sit in a chair and use the Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle as well. The purpose of this exercise is to burn calories, increase your heart rate, and work out your leg muscles.

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  • This fitness device encourages leg workouts.
  • The Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle is very compact.
  • This product allows for low impact exercise.


  • There are some customer complaints about this device not working well.
  • The Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle just focuses on leg muscles.
  • The warranty is only good for 90 days.
  • There is no healthy diet plan mentioned.


It is certainly a good idea to take a good look at the Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle before even considering it. This small device may be a tad more difficult to use than what is described by the manufacturer. After all, there is really not much to it, and if you get a good amount of speed going, there could be difficulties. As some customers/users have already stated, a real bicycle is much more effective.

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