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Stamina Products features a full line of exercise equipment for a variety of workout programs. The company is well known for the products they provide and may even be found in professional or membership club environments. This review will take a closer look at the AeroPilates products to determine if they are worth the investment for you as a consumer.

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Product Features

Stamina Products produces the following AeroPilates products: Arc, Pro XP686, Premier w/Stand, Cardio Rebounder, Neck Pillow & DVDs , Premier, AreoPilates with Freeform Cardio Rebounder, Freeform Cardio Rebounder, Studio Tower Combination Unit, Head and Neck Support Pillow, Stands for both three and four cord reformers, Spine Corrector Barrel, Box and Poll, Magic Circle with Workout DVD, Fold to Fit Equipment Mat, and various workout DVDs. Products range in price anywhere from $20.00 for a workout DVD to $2199.99 for the Pro XP686 equipment setup. The Pro XP686 setup is something you are likely to see in a gym because it includes the Freeform Cardio Rebounder and is a large machine designed to help you master your pilates workout. With several different settings available, it is ideal for gyms because people can choose the setting that works best for them, use it, and go on about their day without having to worry how they are going to finance their own personal machine.

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  • Pilates are an excellent cardiovascular workout, keeping you healthy and helping you to burn fat.


  • The Stamina AeroPilates products are expensive, and therefore out of the budget for most dieters.
  • Simply having your own exercise equipment will not guarantee weight loss. It takes using it in conjunction with a balanced diet to see results.
  • It may be more effective for those who are interested to join a local gym that has these products.
  • We are unable to locate any return policy or money back guarantee for these products.
  • There are no customer testimonials for these products.


Even though Pilates are a wonderful way to get your cardio workout in every day, using the equipment here could easily cause a person to run out of space in their home, and run out of money trying to finance all the bells and whistles. If you are trying to lose weight, we recommend you combine a workout such as pilates with a balanced diet, and a weight loss supplement that contains a proven fat burner and/or appetite suppressant for best results.

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