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Star Caps are weight loss supplements that were created by Nikki Haskel who, according to the official website for StarCaps, is the “Diet Queen to the Stars.” She says that Star Caps is a natural diet supplement containing a rare blend of Papaya and Garlic which helps metabolize protein, eliminate bloating, and detoxify your system. She states that it is one hundred percent safe, and does not contain any Thyroid stimulants, Caffeine or Ephredine. That recipe sounds like it could be tasty to us, but how well do Star Caps really work?


The ingredients in StarCaps are listed as: Natural Papaya Extract, Garlic, Valerian, Corn Spices, Papain, Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide.

Product Features

StarCaps can be ordered on line from the official Nikki Haskell website. She says that the Papaya and the Garlic are sourced from the Higher Andes mountain range of Peru. She also says that the mix of the digestive enzyme in the Papaya and the diuretic qualities in the Garlic is what helps result in the weight loss for users. The capsules also include Valerian, an herb that is native to Europe and Western Asia. Today it is used often for its properties as an herbal stress reliever, but Valerian was used by early herbalists for its diuretic properties as well. Ms. Haskel advises that you to take one capsule to begin with for the first day and after two days you increase the dosage to two capsules per day. She also says that you should take the StarCap capsules with either a glass of orange juice, a banana or potassium. Other tips that she gives include avoiding butter, cheese and sugar whilst taking the capsules. The price of the capsules is $80 for a two month supply.

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  • There is an official website for Star Caps.
  • The product is made up of natural substances.
  • The website for StarCaps is easy to navigate.


  • The product is rather expensive, at $160 for a months supply.
  • There does not seem to be a money back guarantee.
  • No free trial sample of the product is offered by the manufacturer.
  • There have been no controlled standardized tests carried out on Star Caps that we could find.


At the end of the day the StarCaps capsules that have been created by Nikki Haskell are unlikely to do a user any harm. They include Garlic, which we know is a wonderful substance for our health, and also Papaya. Papaya, as Ms. Haskel correctly asserts, is a great digestive enzyme, and so is a good thing to include in a weight loss regimen. Yet, at the end of the day she doesn’t present any hard clinical evidence or product development studies that show that these capsules do actually result in weight loss. There have been no controlled standardized tests of StarCaps carried out. At the moment we do not have any proof that StarCaps is superior to other weight loss products on the market, and so cannot recommend it over and above others available.

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    The league announced the suspension on Friday, nine days before the Vikings open the season at San Diego on Sept. 11. Williams was initially suspended for four games before the court struggle ensued, but the league reduced that suspension and fined Williams an additional two game checks.

    Williams and former teammate Pat Williams had been embroiled in a long court fight over their positive tests for the banned diuretic bumetanide in 2008. They argued that the supplement StarCaps did not include the ingredient on its label.


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    I lost my brochure – please send the complete diet plan or “how to” info or website where I can find it and how to get more product.


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    Do you know when Star Caps will be back on the market? They’re the only diet supplement that has ever worked for me. Thank you-


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