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Star Jumps are an exercise commonly found in newer workout programs like Insanity and P90X. The idea is to create an X with your body while pushing off the group. We usually do not focus on specific exercises, but the Star Jump has made quite the impression on fitness experts like Shaun T and Tony Horton. The Star Jump is the ideal exercise to increase heart rate and work muscles in the lower body and core, but the exercise is not ideal for all dieters.

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  • Plyometric exercise move.

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Plyometrics used to be wildly popular many years ago. After tons of knee and lower body injuries, aerobic exercise programs attempted to leave behind the moves that required the follower to leave the ground and replace those moves with more user-friendly motions that raised heart rate and worked the same muscles. There are few exercises that work like plymometric moves, so these moves have started creeping back into workout programs. The Star Jump is one of the hottest moves on the market right now. There are videos all over YouTube of children, police and fitness professionals practicing Star Jumps.

To effectively and safely perform a Star Jump you will need to be in relatively good shape already. The move requires bending down and pushing up with your legs to force your entire body off the ground similar to a jumping jack. Dieters with knee or back problems should skip Star Jumps if they cause knee or back pain.

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  • Amazing whole body exercise.
  • Popular in new, plyometric workout routines.
  • Designed to work multiple muscle systems simultaneously.


  • May cause pain and injury for overweight or obese dieters.
  • Should not be performed if you have an injury of any kind.
  • Not ideal for dieters with lower body or back pain.


The Star Jump is not necessarily a new exercise, but the phenomenon of adding plyometric exercises to a workout routine is gaining strength. If you choose to try exercise programs like Insanity or P90X you will recognize the Star Jump immediately. Start slow and controlled to reduce risk of injury and stop for rests if you feel fatigued by the movement. Star Jumps are designed to improve overall body strength while working the heart and lungs. This exercise is not designed for overweight and obese individuals and may be dangerous for some dieters.

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