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Star Shape is a supplement by the famous Nikki Haskell. Her products have been used by the elite Hollywood stars for years. Recently, a problem with one of her supplements forced some professional athletes to test positive on a drug test. The undeclared ingredients were not legal for use by professional athletes. Ms. Haskell pulled the supplement from the market and replaced it with a new formula.

Ms. Haskell is not a trained nutritionist – but she is a socialite. This woman has interviewed some of the biggest money makers and some of the oldest money in the US. Star Shape is created to be used with her Star Shape Diet System.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine
  • White Kidney Bean extract
  • Chromium Picolinate

Product Features

The ingredient list for Star Shape is simple and to the point. The caffeine stimulates metabolism and increases energy. This ingredient is found in many weight loss products. We have no idea how much caffeine Star Shape contains, which is a huge letdown. Too much caffeine can cause negative side effects like jitters, shakes and upset stomach.

White kidney bean extract is supposed to block carbohydrate digestion, but that is not exactly how the ingredient works. There are clinical studies that prove this ingredient stops the breakdown of carbohydrates into tiny pieces. With carbs in bigger pieces, it is used more quickly with less impact on blood glucose.

Chromium picolinate is often used as a natural diabetic treatment, but dieters can use it to control appetite. Chromium helps the body respond more efficiently with carbohydrate intake. There is less chance of an insulin spike and fall – so the dieter is less apt to feel that craving for sweets just hours after eating a carbohydrate-rich meal.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • All of the ingredients are proven weight loss aides.
  • The product is available on the official website.


  • The ingredients are listed in a proprietary blend.
  • The product is not backed by scientific research.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.


Nikki Haskell has a good product in Star Shape, but she needs to be a little more transparent. The dieter needs to know just how much caffeine is in the formula and there needs to be a bit of clinical research in the product description to show just how strong the ingredients are. We find it quite disappointing that the three ingredients in Star Shape are proven, but only in certain quantities and the dieter has no way of knowing if the right amount is added to Star Shape.

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