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What You Should Know

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Star Chem Labs is a dietary supplement and body building accessory company. There is little information about the company itself available from the actual website. This review will take a closer look at the company’s products to see what benefit they have to offer consumers.

List of Ingredients

As Star Chem Labs produces a variety of products, we recommend you take a closer look at the individual product or products you are interested in to determine their ingredients.

Product Features

Star Chem Labs produces the following products: Boiling Point, Armageddon, Evolution X, Icon, Sample Kit, and Series 7. Boiling Point is a weight loss formula. Armageddon is a muscle cell storage expansion system. Evolution X is helps build muscle. Icon is a product that claims to allow men to build their bodies to their maximum physical potential rather than being stuck in the evolutionary mold. We are not sure exactly how this product works, but with our best educated guess, we think it works to help build muscle mass. The Sample Kit contains five packets of Armageddon, 10 packets of Evolution X, a shaker cup and product brochure. Series 7 is a nutrient packed protein drink/meal replacement formula that includes amino acids, and other vitamins and minerals to help those who are trying to build more lean muscle stay healthy throughout the course of rebuilding their bodies.

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  • Ingredient lists for each of the products are available online.


  • These products are more geared toward men who are trying to build more lean muscle than men and women who are trying to lose fat. We are not sure if these products are safe for women.
  • These products cannot be purchased online directly from the manufacturer.
  • There is no money back guarantee on these products. If you haven’t opened them and they are still in their original packaging, however, you can get your money back.
  • There are no free trials of these products.


For those who are looking to build muscle mass, though these products may seem incredible at first glance, we are turned off by the fact that all sales are final. We recommend you find other products supported by free trials and/or money back guarantees instead of these products. For those who just trying to shed a few pounds, these products are not ideal because they are all geared toward building more lean muscle. While it is true more lean muscle helps to burn fat, women should not use products like this to do it. We instead recommend a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant combined with proper diet and exercise programs for best results.

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