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Now more than ever before, countless men and women are struggling with their weight. This is partially due to the widespread availability of fast food these days. However, the less manual labor work needed today probably also plays a major role. Then there is the fact that people watch more TV and play more video games in their spare time. Then again, we cannot solely blame electronics and poor food options for weight gain. It is possible to get slim and get fit. You simply have to take the initiative and get started. One thing is for certain; nowadays there are plenty of clinics, centers, and experts to assist you with this task. One of these is the Start Fresh Weight Control facility.

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Start Fresh is a weight control facility that is located in Brooklyn, New York. The address is 1323 46th Street, and the phone number is (718) 851-0081. Basically, this center provides the assistance of expert dieticians and nutritionists. This facility is available to assist both women and men with dieting, fat reduction, weight loss, and overall nutrition. As for exercise and fitness regimens, there are none mentioned for Start Fresh Weight Control.

Unfortunately there is very minimal information provided on the Start Fresh Weight Control facility. However, it is encouraged to call this facility for additional information and specifics. As for weight loss supplements, there are none mentioned. Nor is there any mention of a price for Start Fresh. One thing is likely; if you choose this type of program, you will probably need to completely change your diet and/or lifestyle. After all, it is called Start Fresh.

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  • There are expert dieticians and nutritionists at Start Fresh.
  • The contact phone number is posted online for this facility.
  • This program is suitable for both women and men.


  • There is minimal data provided on the Start Fresh Weight Control facility.
  • There does not appear to be an official website for this program.
  • The only location mentioned is in Brooklyn, New York.
  • There is no mention of regular exercise with Start Fresh.
  • The cost of attending this facility is not specified in the description offered online.


With so many diet facilities and fitness centers geared toward weight loss, things can definitely get confusing. However, as far as the Start Fresh Weight Control facility is concerned, there is very minimal information and specifics provided. Therefore we cannot recommend this diet and nutrition facility. Regardless, the only location for Start Fresh that is mentioned is the Brooklyn, New York facility. This means that Start Fresh is virtually useless to anyone who does not reside in that area.

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