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Start Natural is an artificial intelligence search engine started at MIT. The search engine allows users to search for questions and terms and returns answers as entered into the system or as available online. While the system is not set up for weight loss questions alone, there is some important information dieters can find through the Start Natural system.

List of Ingredients

MIT created artificial intelligence search engine.

Product Features

At first glance, there is very little the Start Natural website can offer a dieter. But, it is in the question and answer format that support can be found. If the dieter searches for Ephedra, a definition is revealed. If the question, “What is Bitter Orange?” is entered, the definition of bitter orange appears on the screen. Start Natural searches the web for information about the words entered into the search bar, providing basic information that could be useful for a dieter.

Dieters could use Start Natural to search the ingredient list on a given diet or weight loss supplement. The results are streamlined so dieters don’t have to read through pages and pages of results in order to find the information they are seeking. We tried a few other questions to see how well Start Natural answered. When asked about weight loss and how to lose weight, the results were not as promising. The program could not answer complex questions.

There is no cost for using the Start Natural program by MIT. Dieters can feel free to ask as many questions as they like and the definitions retrieved are very easy to understand. We did find some trouble with more obscure names or ingredients, but most returned invaluable information on health risks, common names and common uses.

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  • Dieters can ask questions about supplement ingredients.
  • Start Natural is free for dieters to use.
  • Many ingredient inquiries returned very helpful answers.


  • Some more complex questions were not answered by Start Natural.
  • There is no means of adding questions and answers to the program if a dieter find the information elsewhere.
  • The program is not dedicated to weight loss.
  • Obscure ingredients were not found by Start Natural.


We are very interested in the Start Natural program by MIT, but that does not mean the dieter will find it as interesting. If a dieter wants to research ingredients for a supplement before deciding whether or not it is safe to use, this program could help. Common ingredients like green tea, chromium, bitter orange and Ephedra returned results that were easy to read and understand which is important for the dieter who has no idea about the health risks associated with some natural supplements. Start Natural will not, however, help a dieter lose weight.

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