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The Starvation Diet is one of the oldest weight loss diets in the weight loss world. Dieters choose not to eat enough food to sustain healthy life in order to promote weight loss. The problems with the diet include increased risk of illness, reduced immune system, organ damage, extreme weight loss, dehydration and death. The body can live for years without proper nutrition as long as the dieter continues to drink enough water, but during that time, the dieter will slowly kill themselves in the attempt to achieve the ideal weight. Most often, the Starvation Diet is chosen by men and women who have a type of body image disorder. No matter how much weight they lose, they never feel thin.

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Reducing caloric intake to dangerous levels to lose weight.

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The Starvation Diet does not have a set list of guidelines, but there are some common similarities between dieters starving for weight loss. Typically, they consume lots of coffee and avoid engagements where eating is involved. The disease can progress to the point where alienation becomes more and more common until the dieter stops interacting with friends and family members. In some cases, dieters using the Starvation Diet to lose weight will also try bulimia and excess exercise to maintain weight loss or promote additional weight loss when the body refuses to shed any more pounds.

The immediate reaction to the starvation diet is lack of energy and hunger. After a while, many dieters stop feeling hungry or they fight hunger by drinking tons of water or other non-calorie drinks. The body turns to muscles for protein as a source of energy. Muscles weaken and when no muscle and fat tissue is left, the body starts digesting organs. This is when organ failure occurs and death is a very serious concern.

Women tend to try the Starvation Diet more often than men, due to body image issues. But, more and more men are choosing to starve themselves to achieve optimal weight.

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  • Dieters will lose a significant amount of weight.
  • Tons of free information online.


  • This diet will eventually end in illness, disease and death.
  • Dieters are not allowed to eat more than a few hundred calories a day.
  • The body will eventually digest organs for energy.


The Starvation Diet is one of the least expensive diets in the world. Dieters eat very little food, typically only one small meal a day. Weight loss will occur, but the dieter is not always losing fat. Instead, the body is pulling from muscles for protein and eventually organs for energy. In the end, weight loss with the Starvation Diet may lead to death.

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