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What You Should Know

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Status Fitness is a magazine with a focus on weight training and fitness for the serious bodybuilder. The magazine is in its fourth year of publication with readership in the United States and Canada. The magazine also publishes a yearly calendar featuring scantily clad professional female body builders.

List of Ingredients

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Product Details

This weight training magazine is targeted for serious male bodybuilders. Many of the articles focus on the use of advertiser products. Each month, sandwiched in between the omnipresent advertising, the magazine features interviews with professional bodybuilders, specific weight training advice, event coverage, human interest stories, news, supplement advice, and nutritional articles, along with plenty of glossy pictures of male and female bodybuilders in action.

The website features blogs, photos, videos, a newsletter and a member forum, but the primary purpose is to sell subscriptions. We could find no information about purchasing the magazine aside from buying direct from the website. There is no detailed content information available onsite.

Typical article titles include:

  • Anabolic Aftershocks
  • Back Blasting
  • The Art of Posing
  • 10 Unique Lifts You Shouldn’t Train Without
  • Interval Training
  • An Interview with Dolph Lundgren
  • The Bigger Picture – The Photographic Ins and Outs of the Industry for Photographers & Models

The Good

  • The magazine has a small percentage of nutrition advice based articles.
  • Subscription appears to be easy.
  • The website is simple to navigate.
  • Back issues are available online.
  • The website offers blogs written by staff, bodybuilders and a doctor.

The Bad

  • This is not a weight loss or weight loss education product.
  • Much of the advice contained in these articles would not be recommended for a person trying to lose weight, or for anyone who does not have the goal of professional bodybuilding.
  • The magazine seems largely commercial/product driven.
  • There are no customer testimonials on the website.
  • There are no sample articles online to read, or any way to determine the quality of the magazine without purchase.
  • Most of the article titles advertised are inappropriate for dieters.


Status Fitness is not a weight loss product. Although educational material can be helpful, it will not induce weight loss as it takes more than reading to build a comprehensive program that includes healthy eating patterns, an exercise plan and helpful supplements that help you burn fat and suppress your appetite, the real keys to successful weight loss.
The advice contained in this magazine is largely commercial-driven, with prominently placed paid advertising focusing on bodybuilding fitness and not weight loss. It would ultimately be useless for diet advice and weight loss education. We do not recommend this magazine as an aid or educational tool for weight loss. Never begin a strenuous weight training program without consulting your doctor. This could be especially dangerous if you are significantly overweight or have existing medical conditions.

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