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Stay Alert Gum is a caffeinated gum that claims to be used by the US Armed Forces to stay awake longer. There are quite a few references to the Stay Alert Gum helping troops stay alert and on mission, but it is the clinically proven statements that bother us a bit. According to the official website and product description, the Stay Alert Gum is clinically proven to improve marksmanship and vigilance. Those are huge claims for a caffeinated gum.

We looked through the Stay Alert Gum website and we found no mention of ingredients. We know the gum contains caffeine, but that is the only ingredient we are sure of. There could be other ingredients that support the product claims and we would never know. We did take a look at the clinical studies in hopes of finding additional ingredients. All studies were completed by medical entities with connections to the government. All studies were completed on caffeine alone.

List of Ingredients


  • Chewing Gum
  • Caffeine

Product Features

Chewing gum is a quick and easy way to administer caffeine. The clinical studies listed on the Stay Alert Gum website were mostly performed by Walter Reed Army Hospital. In the medical community if medical studies were completed by a medical association directly connected to the results the research would be irrelevant. In this case the caffeine studies are no unrealistic, but they are rather outrageous and self-fulfilling. Caffeine is a strong stimulant that does help soldiers make it through long hours without sleep, but caffeine will only work for a certain amount of time before the body starts shutting down.

We are not thrilled with the fact that no ingredients are listed on the official website. The product is being marketed for sale, but it looks like it is only available for the military because there is no information on the product – not even testimonials. We did find quite the detailed story about how the product was once available to the public, but they didn’t like how it tasted. Instead of selling it to the public, Wrigley’s chose to market it to the military that paid more than $1 million to research the gum. Now, Stay Alert Gum is supposedly part of military rations.

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  • Supplies 100 mg of caffeine per piece.
  • Researched by and designed for the military.


  • Not available to the public.
  • Caffeine gum is used to keep soldiers awake for more than 60 hours.


Stay Alert Gum is not your average caffeine gum. There is 100 mg of caffeine per piece and other ingredients that only Wrigley’s knows. The gum is marketed to and sold to the US government, but not the average public. According to government research, Stay Alert Gum is absorbed more effectively than other caffeine gums.

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