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The diversity and variety of weight loss products these days is amazing to say the least. In fact, you may be shocked by some of the products you find online and see on TV infomercials. Just to be clear, not all of these products are effective at reducing unwanted body fat. This is why it is important to read online consumer reviews on diet/weight loss products. You should also be aware of how they are made and how they assist with real weight loss. At this point, we are going to examine the Steam O Belt, which is available online through several websites.

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Product Features

The Steam O Belt is a unique and innovative product that is essentially pitched as a “portable thermo sauna.” According to the developer (Teleshop24) of this product, it is supposed to offer you an alternative to real exercise. You basically strap the Steam O Belt to the part of your body where you wish to minimize body fat. The steam from this device causes you to sweat, as if you were in a sauna. By sweating, body fat is apparently reduced. The Steam O Belt is claimed to work more effectively than dry heat, and it is portable.

Put simply, the Steam O Belt is marketed as a therapeutic steaming device that addresses specific fatty areas. When you purchase this product, you get the following: a measuring vessel, a steam generator, the Steam O Belt, a user manual, tubes, a funnel, measuring tape, a diet plan, and instructions. The cost of the Steam O Belt is $50. Not only is this device supposed to help you burn off fat, but it is also claimed to reduce cellulite, and harden the belly/tummy area. It is 230 volts, and 170 watts. The Steam O Belt may also help flush toxins and impurities out of the skin. Just so you know, the temperature on this belt can be adjusted.

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  • The Steam O Belt requires little effort to use.
  • This device comes with a diet plan.
  • It may help flush toxins out of your pores.


  • This product is encouraged in place of actual exercise.
  • There does not appear to be a guarantee or warranty offered.
  • The Steam O Belt is not supported by real research.
  • There are no testimonials for this product on dealer sites like Amazon.


Clearly the Steam O Belt is rather unique and creative. After all, it is a “personal sauna” device that can be used in the home. However, there is no actual research that supports this device as an effective method of weight loss. Furthermore, it is encouraged to use the Steam O Belt instead of doing real exercise, which does not sound prudent; especially if you are striving to lose real weight.

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    How can i buy it?and how much?


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    Hmmm.. perhaps i’ll try this .. thanks!


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    is steam-o-belt is effective?



    no its all fake,,my money is gone,,i used and thers no changes,,,,,,,,