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What You Should Know is a website designed to promote low-carb cookbooks written by celebrity chef George Stella, who calls himself “the good carb chef.” His diet, which he based on the Atkins diet, is low in carbohydrates and heavy on fresh ingredients.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features is full of advice to begin and maintain a low-carb lifestyle, including detailed instructions on getting started, how to grocery shop and a few recipes. Cookbooks and DVDs are available for sale. The website is crowded and a bit slow to load, but quite rich in content.

We were a bit disturbed by the up-front admission that this diet is based on the Atkins Diet, which has been the center of quite a lot of controversy. Most doctors will tell you that low-carb diets are a terrible idea. The website is colorful with lots of tempting pictures of fresh foods and before and after pictures of the Stella family, but nothing can change the fact that most of the medical community rejects the low-carb lifestyle as unhealthy.

The Good

  • The diet concentrates on fresh ingredients and limited sugar and processed flour.
  • The cookbooks are attractive and well laid out.
  • There are some recipes available online for you to try.

The Bad

  • this is a controversial diet that does not have the endorsement of the mdeical community.
  • There is nothing new to see here. Low-carb diets are not new or different, and there are a million of them on the market. This one offers no new insight or theory.
  • Fad diets, especially those that focus on limiting a food group, promote temporary weight loss. When to you return to your normal diet (and you will), the weight will come back and more.


We do not recommend Stella Style or the Stella Style cookbooks. Low-carb diets are by nature unbalanced and unhealthy. They focus on severely limiting grains and carbohydrates in your diet and eating higher amounts of protein, an unhealthy choice for many people. Restricting certain food groups leads to binging, and any weight loss following such a diet will quickly reverse on returning to a normal diet. This diet is simply a ripoff of every other low-carb diet that came before, and there have been many. It’s simply not an original concept, and we’ve been there, done that, and got the tee shirt (in size XX-Large).

To really crank up your weight loss, find an appetite suppressant or fat burner from a reliable source and choose a healthy, satisfying balanced diet that you can maintain for life. Add thirty minutes of exercise per day and the weight will melt away…for good.

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3 User Reviews about Stella Style

  • 1
    Norma Mackey

    I have to go on a low carb diet due to high triglycerides. The Stella diet has offered me choices like mock mashed potatoes and a low carb cracker.Along with numerous other recipes that will fit my needs.


  • 2
    mary oneil

    There is a HUGE difference between the Atkins diet and Stella Style, and had you done your homework, you would’ve known that. Many of their recipes include fruits and soy flours, which the Atkins diet NEVER would have allowed. Stella Style is a lifestyle that offers a ton of variety, as well as the moral support if needed. Your review was neither “in depth” or accurate.



    Actually, you are misinformed as well. Atkins does allow the same fruits as Stella Style (berries, cantelope and honeydew melon) and also allows soy flours once you get beyond the first couple of weeks. They are actually very similiar. Stella Style doesn’t seem as strict as far as sticking to a certain carb count, but the principal for both is the same.