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What You Should Know

Dr. Stephen Holt is a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine, alternative approaches to health care and dietary supplements. He has published several books about alternative health products, including the titles listed below.

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Books by Stephen Holt

  • Natural Ways to Digestive Health: Interfaces Between Conventional and Alternative Medicine
  • The Natural Way to a Healthy Heart: Lessons from Alternative and Conventional Medicine
  • Stephen Holt M.D. Provides Natural Pathways to Healthy Sleep with the Sleep Naturally Plan: Combat Insomnia Without Drugs, Using Lifestyle Changes
  • The Shark Cartilage Alternative For Bone and Joint Health
  • The Soy Revolution
  • The Power Of Cartilage
  • Soya for health: The definitive medical guide
  • Supreme Properties of Hoodia Gordonii

Product Details

Dr. Stephen Holt’s website and products are interesting, but do not specifically focus on weight loss. He seems to have an affiliate program similar to an MLM, because many of the links that bear his name are cookie-cutter resellers. The Holt Institute of Medicine, which may or may not be administered by Dr. Holt himself, offers a massive array of topics on thousands of health concerns. Weight loss is not one of the topics.

The Good

  • Dr. Stephen Holt has an excellent reputation in his field.
  • The Holt Institute of Medicine website offers a tremendous knowledge base and range of topics.

The Bad

  • There are no specific weight loss products and little information pertaining to weight loss.
  • We are not sure that Dr. Holt is associated with the websites that bear his name and sell his products.
  • The books and articles are centered on overall health, and not on weight loss.
  • Natural health products has a large following but the products are neither tested or approved by the FDA and the medical establishment in general.


We can’t recommend following Dr. Stephen Holt’s advice for weight loss. There seems to be a program, or a series of books on similar topics, but only one mentions the benefit of a weight loss supplement. There does not appear to be a cohesive, well-rounded approach to weight loss, but rather a general approach to overall health.

Losing weight requires a comprehensive plan that includes a healthy, balanced diet low in saturated fats and loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, with plenty of fiber and water. In addition, you need an exercise plan that is comfortable for you. You can also jump-start your weight loss with a fat burner supplement and help stay on track with your diet using an appetite suppressant made by a reliable company.

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