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What You Should Know

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Stimabolic is a product by Maxus. As we cannot locate an official website for this product, we have to assume it is no longer in production and has limited availability. The information for this review comes from a variety of third party websites and reviews. We will take a closer look at this product to see if we can determine if it is worth the investment or why the product is no longer in production.

List of Ingredients

Chromium, Chitosan, Citrus Aurantium Fruit Extract, Green Tea Extract, Gurana Extract, L-Carntine, L-Tartrate, Phaseolamin 2250 White Kidney Bean Extract, and White Willow Bark Extract.

Product Features

Stimabolic claims to be a complete weight loss solution in a bottle. By using the combination of natural products that work together to enhance one another, the product claims that it can burn fat, block carbs, and block fat absorption. A closer look at the ingredients reveals there are several stimulants in the formula including: Citrus Aurantium Fruit Extract, Green Tea Extract, Gurana Extract to help burn fat and increase energy levels. Chitosan is a fat binder, so it is possible that the product will actually help with preventing some of the fat you eat from being absorbed. It may also help with cholesterol levels by decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body while increasing the levels of good cholesterol. Chromium is thought to help stabilize the blood sugar levels in the body, thereby helping to regulate cravings and appetite.

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  • The formula contains useful ingredients for what the product claims to do.


  • There is no official website for the company that produces this product.
  • We are not sure if this product is still in production, and we cannot find any pricing information.
  • This formula contains several stimulants, and may not be safe for those who are sensitive to them.
  • Children, or women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this product.
  • Though we know some of the ingredients in this formula are proven to work for their intended purpose, there is no clinical research to support their combination in this formula.
  • There are no money back guarantees for this product.
  • There are no free trials for this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials for this product.


We do not recommend this product due to the lack of information available on it and the company who produces it. Find another supplement that contains a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner and use it alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise program for best results.

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