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What You Should Know

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Stimarex-ES is a stimulant based weight loss pill that contained ephedra. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals produced the supplement, and when ephedra was banned in weight loss products, redeveloped the supplement into what is now sold as Stimarex. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals produces a full line of anabolic, fat loss, and sexual health products, including Lipodrene. Does this product have any value to customers? We will take a closer look to see.

List Of Ingredients

Though this is not an official list of ingredients, we know the formula contained: ephedra, Acacia Rigidula extract, phenylethylamine, theobroma cacao extract, Citrus Aurantium extract (Methylsynephrine), green tea, yohimbe, Naringen, dihydroxybergamottin.

Product Features

Looking at the list, we see most of the ingredients are stimulants, designed to raise the body temperature and help burn fat. Ephedra is a now banned ingredient that not only helps to burn fat, but increases energy levels and produces effects similar to pseudophedrine. Citrus aurantium is a natural cousin to ephedra, commonly used in many supplements to replace it. Theobroma cocoa extract is a derivative of caffeine, known to produce mild thermogenic effects. Green tea is included in many weight loss ingredients and is thought to help boost the metabolism and burn fat, when taken in effective amounts. Naringen is a flavanoid in grapefruit, to help trigger weight loss. Phenylethlamine and 3-dimethyl aminoethanol bitrate are included for mood stabilization and elevation. Yohimbe is a libido enhancer and fat burner.

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  • This product contains many stimulants known to help burn fat.


  • We were unable to find a great deal of information about the product.
  • No satisfaction guarantee.
  • At the time of this writing, the manufacturer’s website is down for repair. It claims to be reopening soon, and provides a number where product orders can be placed.
  • Due to the heavy stimulant nature of this product, it is important to watch for negative side effects and stop use immediately if there are problems./li>
  • There is not an official list of ingredients available.
  • This is an older version of the Stimarex formula. It contains ephedra and should be avoided. It may still be available on the market from countries where the ingredient has not been outlawed.


Stimarex-ES contained ephedra. If you are still able to locate this product, we recommend you avoid it for that reason. The new version of the product, Stimarex does not contain ephedra, but still has plenty of reason to stay away from. We recommend finding a proven supplement that is known to be safe.

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