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Stimulant X is a “miracle” weight loss product that addresses cravings and appetite suppression while also increasing energy levels to improve the user’s ability to exercise. By exercising more and eating less at the same time, people are more likely to succeed in their weight loss efforts.

List of Ingredients

Stimulant X includes: Aneurin DBE , Barley extract, Pausinystalia Bark extract (standardized for Aphrodine HCl) , Geranium Oil Isolate, Guarana Seed Extract, and Periwinkle Plant (standardized for Apovincamine ethyl ester).

Product Features

Aneurin DBE is a B vitamin complex. It claims to help provide an enhanced mood while also helping the body to reduce anxiety and combat stress. In addition, it claims to improve alertness and reaction time.

Barley Extract helps to directly control food cravings and help to supress the appetite. It helps to elevate the mood to reduce the sugary and carbohydrate cravings that lead many of us to overeat.

Pausinystalia Bark extract is a central nervous system stimulant that claims to improve mood and memory but is not likely to produce the unwanted side effects and rebound effect found in other stimulants. /p>

Geranium Oil Isolate is similar to adrenaline. This will provide energy without providing jitters, giving you the motivation to get more done physically. It is also thought to affect the areas of the brain that control food cravings and appetite suppression.

Guarana Seed Extract contains small amounts of Methyl-Xanthines which are naturally occurring stimulants.

Periwinkle Plant is a natural nootropic, known as a smart nutrient to boost the brain’s cognitive abilities. It improves concentration and brain energy which allows you to focus and feel good.

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  • This product addresses both energy and appetite suppression so you can do more while eating less and lose weight.


  • Those who are sensitive to stimulants may want to avoid this product.
  • Though there is a free trial available, we are not sure if it requires enrollment in an automatic shipment program.
  • We are unclear about the return policy and money back guarantee.
  • There is no clinical research to support the product claims.


Due to the use of so many stimulants in this formula, we do not recommend this product for use. We don’t have any information about how often you should take the supplement or how long the bottle will last. We recommend finding another supplement that contains either a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant and combine it with a balanced diet and an exercise program.

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