StonOMax Sculpting Belt Review

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The StonOMax Sculpting Belt is an exercise belt that you can wear any time during the day or night, even during your workout to increase efficiency. There are many belts on the market that claim through vibration technology, your muscles are contracted and you get an effortless workout. These claims sound too good to be true, so we will take a closer look at this product to see if it is worth the investment or not. A major red flag for us is that we cannot find an official website for the manufacturer. This gives us reason to believe the company is no longer operational and that the product is no longer being produced.

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Product Features

The StonOMax Sculpting Belt is a belt you wear around your abdominal area. You can wear it while you workout for more intensity, or at any point in the day as you go through your normal routine. It works while sitting, standing, or performing other tasks. It claims through vibrating it can contract the ab muscles to help you sculpt and tone your body. As there is a considerable lack of information on this product and several others like it, we see no reason to use it.

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  • The StonOMax Sculpting Belt can be worn anytime, day or night.


  • We are unable to locate an official website for this company.
  • We cannot determine if the StonOMax Sculpting Belt is still available on the market today.
  • Simply wearing the belt and allowing it to contract your abdominal muscles will not be enough to tone and change the appearance of your body.
  • We cannot find a money back guarantee for this product.
  • There are no free trials of this product.


We do not believe the vibration technology is enough to sculpt and tone your body. If it were that easy, all of us would be using belts like this, and we would all have rock hard bodies. Though the belt manufacturer says the use of this belt should be combined with a balance diet and cardio exercise for best results, we believe you would be better off with your own exercise routine, a balanced diet, and a proven weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner or an appetite suppressant. Though this exact belt may no longer be available on the market today, there are several others like it. We suggest you look closely at each one of these options before deciding to invest in them.

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