STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training Review

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You cannot overlook the importance of regular exercise when it comes to overall health and weight management. If you are struggling with your weight, you need to consider some type of exercise to help burn off calories and boost your metabolism. It is certainly helpful to choose a type of exercise you enjoy, since you will more likely do it if you actually like it. One option is the STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training DVD. This, like any other fitness DVD, can be used in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Websites like Walgreens offer this DVD for $14.99.


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Product Features

The STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training DVD incorporates interval training to help speed up your metabolism. Just so you understand, this is a “high-energy” routine that helps with conditioning the body, improving flexibility, and boosting stamina levels. However, it is a level-one fitness routine. Therefore it should be suitable for anyone. As you do these exercises on a regular basis, you should begin to notice weight loss, stronger muscles, and a faster metabolism. According to the Walgreens website, this DVD is not sold in stores.

There are no dietary supplements involved with the STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training DVD. However, if desired, you can incorporate certain weight loss products or meal-replacement shakes/bars. This will increase your weight loss progress and success. Unfortunately not everyone appreciates or enjoys this type of exercise. In this case, you should really seek out an alternative type of fitness regimen. While Pilates can be great for weight loss and strengthening the body, it is not ideal for everyone. Also, there are some props required, which some people will not like.

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  • This DVD promotes regular exercise.
  • This type of exercise increases strength and flexibility.
  • You can use the STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training DVD in your home.


  • There are no helpful weight loss supplements involved.
  • Some people might not like Pilates exercises.
  • Some props are required in order to use the STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training DVD.
  • There are many other Pilates DVDs available, which are similar.


All in all, the STOTT PILATES Weight Loss Circuit Training DVD is probably good for regular calorie burning, flexibility, and improving muscle strength. Pilates is a popular type of exercise that has been used for years now. Then again, this type of fitness routine is not suitable for everyone. On the bright side, there are plenty of other fitness DVDs and types of exercise to select from. It is important that you find and choose one that suits you and your needs. After all, exercise plays a crucial role in weight maintenance.

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