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Strawberry Ketones is a non-existent weight loss ingredient. The name has popped up in some weight loss circles as one of those secret weight loss tricks that even the supplement companies don’t know about. We’ve heard of raspberry ketones, which are available at retail stores and vitamin shops all over the US, but strawberry ketone was indeed a new one on us. When we researched strawberry ketone we found some interesting information weight loss with strawberries, but no information on ketones.

If you find a supplement that contains strawberry ketones, the company is selling an ingredient that does not exist. Feel free to send the name of the supplement to us using the contact page so we can look into the companies and supplements.

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  • Strawberry

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When we started researching strawberry ketones, we found an article from Dr. Leo Galland and Jonathon Galland, his son. The article talked about three ways a simple strawberry can increase weight loss. According to the doctor and his son, strawberries can help control blood glucose response so your blood sugar does not spike out of control when you eat a high carb meal. Spiking blood sugar results in a sharp, fast drop that could cause extreme cravings for more carbohydrates. Strawberries also supposedly support weight loss hormone production, stimulate metabolism and reduce appetite.

The benefits associated with strawberries may have something to do with the antioxidant protection they impart on the body. Antioxidants play an important part in health and well-being. When free radicals are produced, thanks to environmental factors and stress, they take over healthy cells and kill those cells. Antioxidants kill the free radicals and support healthy cell production.

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  • Strawberries may be support healthy weight loss.
  • The fruit is low in calories and heavy in nutrients.


  • There is no mention of strawberry ketones in any supplements we found.
  • The name strawberry ketones could be a pet name for strawberry extract.
  • Some companies may use strawberry ketones in place of raspberry ketones.


Strawberries are a pretty whole food containing just a few calories but packing quite the nutrient punch. When we looked for strawberry ketones we were unable to find any supplement listing this ingredient, but we’ve heard talk of strawberry ketones outside of the Internet, so we wanted to give this ingredient a look. Many of the websites we found mentioning strawberry ketones actually linked to a raspberry ketone product, so there is a chance that some companies just chose to create a new supplement that honestly does not exist.

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